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Learning to Live With Hearing Aids For Hearing Impaired people



hearing aids

Age-related hearing impairment or Presbycusis happens gradually over time. It is the third most common chronic disease among older adults. About a third of adults older than 65—and half of those older than 85—have some kind of hearing problem and they are still learning to Live with Hearing Aids. Early detection and treatment can prevent or at least postpone some serious impairments. Elderly men are more likely than women to be hearing impaired. Around 33 percent of the elderly suffer from tinnitus. One-quarter of the population over the age of 65 in most industrialized nations, and perhaps more in the rest of the world, suffer from hearing loss.

Over the age of 75 years, half of us suffer from hearing loss. Over the age of 85, four out of every five of us have trouble hearing. 33 percent of the elderly suffer from tinnitus. In the United States, while men and women are more likely than African-Americans to be hearing impaired. Fewer than 10 percent of American family doctors screen elderly patients for hearing loss.

The ability to communicate plays an important role in every aspect of life. Older technology and now changes in hearing; adjusted to individual needs in a way older analog hearing instruments never could. What is different about today’s digital hearing aids? They’re smarter, smaller, more effective and easier to use than their predecessors. Today, microchips, computerization, and digitized sound processing are used in hearing aid design.

The Facts On Hearing Loss:

  • However, the noisy environment of modern living coupled with the lifestyle decisions young people are making such as listening to loud music. Most of the Indians have a greater risk of acquiring a hearing impairment earlier in life.
  • Approximately 3 million children in the U.S. have deafness; 1.3 million of them are under the age of three.
  • Conversations become difficult to get, especially when there is background noise.
  • Hearing impairment is more than an inconvenience. It can lead to, anger, loss of self-esteem depression, withdrawal, and overall unhappiness with life.
  • The age-related hearing loss has no known remedy, and while technologies such as cochlear implants hearing aids, and assistive devices improve hearing, they do not restore hearing to normal.
  • In age-related hearing impairment, known as presbycusis, changes in the inner ear that happen as you get older cause a slow but steady hearing loss. The loss may be mild or severe, and it is always permanent.
  • A congenital hearing loss means you are born without hearing, while gradual hearing loss happens over time

Headphones and sports a dangerous cocktail

A personal stereo and headphones have become part of your sports equipment. When you go running or jogging, But the volume at which you listen to your favorite music or radio program when you go running or jogging with your headphones. And the sweating from exerting yourself may cause hearing loss and other hearing disorders.

An increasing number of young Mexicans between the ages of 15 and 25 years suffer from hearing problems, according to specialists at the Mexican Institute of Social Security, IMSS. The number of visits to ENT doctors has increased up to 20 percent among young Mexicans over the past decade.

The specialists found that four in ten young Mexicans with hearing problems listened regularly to their MP3 with headphones while practicing sports. They concluded that this may be the main reason for the increasing numbers of hearing loss and tinnitus cases found in this age group.

The sound quality provided by recent personal stereo technology is better than ever. There is no sound distortion even when the volume is much too high. This encourages listeners to unknowingly turn up the volume to dangerous levels at great risk to their hearing.

Most of the young Mexicans affected by hearing loss and tinnitus listened to their MP3 at very high levels, from 80 dB to 120 dB, while practicing sports for extended periods of time. In most cases, they were found to be suffering from reduced ability to hear high pitched frequencies, a sign of excessive noise exposure.

Wearing headphones while doing sports was also found to increase the probability of getting ear infections. Body temperature increases when you do sports. And the sweat remains in your ears due to the lack of ventilation, allowing bacteria and fungus to grow faster. This may lead to ear infections such as otitis, which in turn, may result in further hearing disorders if untreated.

Using a hearing aid effectively is not just a question of technology but requires an understanding of oneself and society, as well.

One-third of all hearing devices end up in the drawer because of inadequate instructions and counseling. A Norwegian study showed the importance of an introductory course in making the use of a hearing aid a short-term as well as long-term success. Prior to purchasing a hearing device hearing screening is also very important.

Cost of hearing screening

The costs involved in the hearing screening are very small. In fact, the costs to society and individuals of not screening may be much higher.

According to Lynn Spivak, Ph.D., as cited in the November 2000 issue of The Hearing Journal, the price of screening an infant ranges from $17 to $33. The most expensive part of the screening is personnel costs. While expenses for equipment and materials are almost the same in all hospitals. However, personnel costs often differ depending on the qualifications of the hospital staff and on the local wage level.

To get a true picture of the costs involved in hearing screening it is important to include the costs of re-screening. The total cost per infant then rises to approx. $30, Lynn Spivak says. Therefore, the more effective the first hearing screening is, the fewer the number of infants requiring re-screening. And thus the overall expenses are reduced.

HOw do Counselling help?

Audio therapist Kari Antonsen described an experiment at Ullevål Hospital in Norway in the report “Rehabilitation of adult hearing aid users”. 54 hearing aid users and 11 relatives were given insights into the use of hearing aids in classes with 6-8 people lasting five nights. The classes dealt with every hearing aid aspect, from the anatomy of the ear to the possibilities. And limitations of the use of hearing aids in daily life.

As a result, the class participants became far better equipped to make good use of their hearing aids. In comparison with the other members of a control group who did not receive similar training.

Antonsen also investigated the long-term effects. Three years later, the class participants still enjoyed great benefits from their hearing aids. They were active and social and less irritated or angry about their hearing impairment.

According to Kari Antonsen, the study proved that information, service, and counseling is extremely important in maximizing the benefits of using hearing aids.



Patient Management System – A Digital Initiative to Keep In Track with the Medical Data



A patient management software is an integrated system of each and every minute detail of a patient accumulated in a single storage exactly arranged as per the time periods. Health care industry has seen a number of inventions in the recent years, while patient management system I one of those brilliant thoughts of the masterminds which benefits both the medical units as well as the patient parties. This was mainly designed to benefit the patients while engaging them in their process of diagnosis so that they get to know the functioning and every detail with reasoning for their treatments and medicines as suggested by the doctor. In short, this amazingly digital software is a complete package that takes care of the patient’s billing, discharge details, prescription, diagnosis history, medical check-ups and everything associated with it. Before you install this digitally smart health care software, check out it’s several benefits.

Benefits – There are several patient management software system available in the market. Before you choose one, make sure you consult a specialist and train yourself and your staff for the medical unit and also get registered in the same. The digital advantages of this brilliant and smart software can be summarized as below:

  • Firstly, you may use it on your Android or IOS device. You can access all your medical details via the app, make payments, book your appointments, review your discharge and laboratory tests just by creating an account.
  • Secondly, all the details for a particular patient is absolutely protected with a password. However the overview is visible to the medical unit associated with the patient, so that when the patient visits the hospital or medical practitioner for check up all the historic data are available at once.
  • Since each and every medical check-up and laboratory tests are available in the software, there is no need for repeated tests which saves time and money. Also, the doctor has a better view of the patient’s medical and health condition which helps in a faster diagnosis.
  • Medical billing is also possible with this tool. You can make your payments online, just like your online shopping bills!
  • Again the software comes with an inbuilt tool of graphical representations which helps you understand the progress of your diagnosis and recovery.
  • Mostly importantly, this app sends reminders before your check-up dates repeatedly to ensure you don’t miss out on your appointment. Also, you can book your appointment in your preferred time slot, such that each slot is available to a single patient only. This reduces the time you would have spent otherwise in the queue and ringing up at the reception for your booking.
  • There are also general guidelines and suggestions available as per your health condition, for example, in case of diabetic patients, the general diet, dos and don’ts are provided.
  • The patient are also able to communicate with the doctor with the help of messaging and email facilities. This generally helps in the smaller queries being answered after discharged from hospital which would otherwise cost the patient a full fee for one single query!

Consult a specialist before finalizing the software and transitioning to a digital platform. Also, make sure the patients learn to use the app so that there is a good co-ordination between the medical unit and its patients.

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The Importance of Yoga Practice in Busy Life



Yoga is an art and it is one of the most ancient forms that originating in India 5000 years ago. It is the union of spiritual, mental, and physical balances and teachings that assist to restore the spirit, stimulate the mind, and nourish the body.

Yoga practice is becoming popular nowadays and people are showing interest towards it due to its benefits. It can be practiced by anyone irrelevant of the age and gender and it is designed to satisfy the needs of everyone.

Yoga practice is the most efficient and natural form of exercises that provide benefits not only for the body but also for the relaxation of mind, especially for the people in today’s busy life. Yoga techniques can be used to lessen the stress and refresh the body.

Benefits of Yoga Practices in Busy Schedule

The benefits of yoga practices are numerous. Yoga practices helps reduce the stress and provides you a feeling of complete relaxation. You can achieve all the benefits of yoga by practicing it regularly and by scheduling it into your busy life. But it doesn’t work out as you’re busy and can’t always go through a yoga routine.

However, there are some busy people generally try to accomplish the yoga practices, too much, in too little time and as a result they undergo a lot of stress in their lives.

It will be better if you can get time for a couple of sessions in a week. If your schedule is that busy, then you are definitely in one of those that require yoga practice the most. Yoga was introduced many centuries ago and it wasn’t meant for half an hour or hour per day rather it was meant to be a way of life.

The benefits of yoga practice can be achieved only just taking ten to fifteen minutes out of your busy schedule can prove to be really helpful. There is no need of yoga practice an hour per day. If you prepare a schedule for yoga practice as you go through your daily routine, then it will add peacefulness and increases self confidence that makes almost every situation easier to handle.

Breathing Exercises

There are numerous ways to make use of the short breaks to practice some easy yoga exercises in your busy life, and get some amazing results. Before going to start your busy schedule, try to practice some slow, relaxed, natural breathing exercises. It is important to practice breathing exercises in order to achieve better health.

Benefits of yoga practices with breathing exercises also help to be more aware and relaxed in stressful situations. Increased awareness of one’s breathing directs to the peace of mind and provides a healthy body.

Improved Blood and Oxygen Circulation

There are several stretches to improve the blood and oxygen circulation. Having a good blood and oxygen circulation is really significant as these are our life fluids. An excellent supply and circulation of blood and oxygen will refresh the body and allows focusing and concentrating clearly.

It also helps to increase your senses in order to feel and sense the happenings around you. When you are more aware of your surroundings while driving, you will be a safer driver. Paying closer attention to the beauty of nature, yoga practices, can offer you a peace and calmness in order to make your day flow smoother.

The benefits of yoga can be obtained by regular yoga practices. You are more tuned into your surroundings and will gain a special power and that is transmitted by the words that originate from your mouth. For an instance, if you are in a meeting and completely aware of your surroundings then it may help you add something that’s very valuable.

In order to gain the benefits of yoga practices, be in the moment, and recognize what is going on inside your body and mentally. During your break at work, if feasible, try to close your eyes and practice some slow breathing exercises because it takes a little time to practice and good breathing connects both the body and mind.

It is more essential for you to practice breathing correctly because you will not gain the benefits of practicing yoga even if you make out some time in your busy schedule for breathing exercises.

Oxygen is an essential element in our body for every cell, if we dispossess them of this needed nutrient, they will not stay healthy. So, try to take time to breathe deeply and also take slow, deep breaths that fill your diaphragm with the required amount of oxygen.

Breathe out until your lungs are unfilled because that helps to eliminate the toxins from your body. Benefits of practicing yoga with breathing techniques properly or breathing correctly will automatically help your body to relax. Your neck and shoulder relaxes.

So, try this simple exercise, deeply inhale the air as you count slowly to 3-4, hold it for the same count, and then exhale to that count. With this simple process, you will find that you have more energy. As a result, this healthy breathing will automatically come with you.

These simple yoga exercises will provide benefits to your mind and body. So take a few minutes each day, while cooking, or driving and definitely you feel the variation in your body, mind, and spirit. Benefits of yoga practices are evident for those who practice it, enabling one to have a long and healthy life.

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Challenges Facing Ayurvedic Pharma Franchise



Once a respected and widely followed medical school, Ayurveda no longer enjoys that position. Like most traditional medicines around the world, it has dedicated followers, but lacks a more organised impact on the market. It is often categorised as an alternative medicine, especially in the international market.

However, it has made a more focused comeback in the recent years. Bigger FMCG corporations have made considerable inroads into the market, especially in cosmetic remedies. Recent government support has further encouraged the industry. The forecast for the Ayurvedic industry is encouraging with experts predicting a double figure growth in the next few years. However, challenges facing Ayurvedic pharma franchise still remain.

Lack of validation of Products

If you were to research on an allopathic drug you will find reams of data. This is usually years of research conducted by various labs at different locations and different points of time. This is usually backed by validation by multiple experts, including doctors and physicians. In contrast Ayurvedic medicine has a fraction of such validation.

There are almost no validations by reputed labs and doctors who are not directly involved with the industry. This makes it difficult for Ayurvedic companies to create a valid, reliable and reputable image in new markets where it must make a name from scratch.

Lack of quality control procedures

There is still a poor quality control regimen for Ayurvedic products. In fact, rules and regulations that govern Ayurvedic products can seem very lax when compared with allopathic medicine. Allopathic drugs have to go through stringent tests and years of observation on side effects. All this is also carefully documented and validated by independent labs. Unfortunately, such an independent infrastructure is still poorly established when it comes to Ayurvedic medicine validation. This becomes a problem when dealing with markets with strict drug regulations. As a result, Ayurvedic pharma franchise products are often rejected because of lack of proper documentation.

Lack of process validation

As explained above, allopathic medicines have to be under strict regulation. This includes the processes to produce the drugs. These are clearly defined and laid down. Any departure from the process can lead to withdrawal of license. However, the process in Ayurveda is often shrouded in mystery. As with many traditional medicines, there is no way of guaranteeing one process as more authentic than another. This makes the laying down of a validated process all the more difficult.

Batch to batch variation in product

Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing is not always an exact science. Although considerable progress has been made in regularising the production of Ayurvedic products and processes, there can still be variations in the products of a certain company.

Unlike allopathic medicines we are not dealing with precise formulas. Hence, the product of one company can differ from another even when it is the same medicine. This creates problems for Ayurvedic pharma franchise when dealing with more regularised markets where such uniformity is essential.

Presence of toxicity in certain samples

One of the biggest hurdles faced by Ayurvedic medicines is the detection of toxic material like arsenal and lead in some of the samples. Ayurveda does use certain metals, but the traditional remedies did not have any high levels of toxicity. The presence could have been due to contaminated samples or contaminated raw material. Unfortunately, the detection of such ingredients has effected the reputation of Ayurveda in developed markets where it has done irreparable damage to its reputation.

Lack of consolidation

Unlike well-organised medical bodies on State and national level, Ayurvedic doctors lack a consolidated body.Ayurveda is still largely practised by lone physicians. Most practitioners are found in rural areas. Even the industry lack proper consultation with many players belonging to the small and medium sector. This means that they are not able to act in a unified manner or represent their concerns in front of the concerned ministries. This has also led to the fractured nature of the industry itself with inadequate rules and regulations.

Effect of pollution

Ayurvedic medicines are not chemicals whose quality only depends on the right proportions. In Ayurveda we use naturally available herbs and other trace elements. Unfortunately, it also makes the overall product susceptible to effects of pollution. Despite using the right herbs, the quality of the medicine can be sub-par because the herbs themselves have been contaminated through pollutants in the soil.


With a focused push from the government Ayurveda can finally have its day, becoming as popular as yoga in the international scene. However, to achieve this success it is important that we meet these unique challenges.

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