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How to Successfully Manage a Team of Freelancers



The term freelancer has changed quite a bit over the years. Traditionally, it was reserved for photographers, writers and other creative types. Companies wouldn’t want to pay to have these individuals on full-time, but they wanted their services.

However, nowadays, pretty much any job can be done freelance. As long as you have an internet connection, some good communication skills and some patience, you can become a freelancer. People are even building entire careers around things such as social media.

As a business owner, this is wonderful news. Because so many jobs are now being done freelance, it’s very easy to access a literally global talent pool that will help you with any number of business projects for significantly less money than what it would cost to bring these people on full-time.

Plus, you don’t need to limit your search for talented individuals to just your geographic location. You can instead bring in people from around the world. But managing freelancers is much different than managing employees that are sitting just down the hall from you. Freelancers are used to working in a certain way, and if you mess this up, they’ll turn and run in a heartbeat.

Here are some tips to help you manage freelancers that will keep them happy, engaged and productive so that your business can take full advantage of their talents:

Communicate early and often

The most obvious difference between working with remote freelance workers and traditional employees is that you can’t just walk out of your office and check in on things. This can be quite a challenge for managers new to working with freelancers. And there is nothing more frustrating than receiving work that is nothing like what you were expecting. This will either mean you need to pay double, or the freelancer will need to work for free. Either way, someone won’t be happy.

The way to work around this is to communicate. But with freelancers, it’s important that you let them know up front exactly what is expected of them. Unless you have a really good relationship and have built up a level of trust, don’t send freelancers off to do whatever they can come up with. They’ll naturally revert to what they’ve done before, and this isn’t making full use of their talents.

It may take a bit more prep time for you, but make sure you know exactly what you want and let freelancers know before getting started. Then, make yourself available to answer any questions so that you can head off any issues with the work before it’s too late.

Be flexible but firm

On a similar note, one of the biggest challenges in managing freelancers is to learn how to be hands-off. Since they are working remotely, the only way you can communicate with them is digitally. If you’re constantly sending messages asking for status updates, you risk crowding the freelancer and frustrating them.

To you, this might not seem like a big deal. After all, if you’re in the office, it’s totally normal to stop at someone’s desk and ask how things are going as you make your way from one place to another. However, this doesn’t have the same effect when communicating online. If a freelancer steps away and comes back to a bunch of messages, they will not like this and the relationship will suffer.

Freelancers like their flexibility. They want to be able to get up from their computers whenever they want, and they also want to be able to set their own hours. So, your response needs to be to set firm deadlines, then sit back and let the freelancer come to you with any questions. This gives them the breathing room to do the work the way that’s best for them.

However, don’t bend when it comes to deadlines. Missing one might be okay, but if it happens again, consider sending a warning before ending the relationship. It stops making sense to be flexible if you’re constantly chasing people down for work.

Do your best to make it feel like a team

While the freedom you get from working for yourself is great, it’s true that working as a freelancer can be isolating. People can quickly feel disconnected from the work or company. This normally won’t be a problem, but as your relationship with a freelancer develops, consider doing some things to help them feel more a part of the team.

One thing you could do is to bring them in to meetings. If the freelancer does work for one department, consider asking them to join their weekly staff meeting remotely. Or, if you have a team of freelancers all working on a similar project, consider holding a remote meeting once every week or two so that people can have the chance to connect.

You can do other things, as well. Since these people aren’t full-time employees, you don’t need to offer them benefits. But a few perks will go a long way towards making people feel included. Offering things such as a free coffee subscription service is a great way to show you care without breaking the bank.

Wrapping up

The most important thing to remember is that working with freelancers is not the same as working with your normal employees. Each person is different, and they aren’t going to be aware of the exact processes of your company. Be flexible, be understanding and be open, and you’ll quickly find that these individuals can help you affordably and effectively energize your business.

About the author: Most of Cassie’s career has taken place online, and she frequently works with contractors and freelancers. She writes frequently about her experiences to try and help others have success with whatever they are working on.



Industrial Fires — Causes and Prevention



Industrial Fires — Causes and Prevention

Industrial fires cause businesses losses in millions. It can shut down a thriving business despite an insurance coverage. There is also a the very real and catastrophic danger to human life. This is why all industrial spaces are mandated by law to have a certain minimum fire protection. Yet, many companies — big and small — still violate this norm.

Unfortunately, this is not limited to small businesses that are cash-strapped or simply not interested in creating a fire safe infrastructure. Even larger industries and factories often ignore these rules. The reason can range from lack of their seriousness towards the issue or general apathy. Many do not even invest in basic safety practices like maintaining their equipment or buying equipment like fire safety helmets.

Common Causes of Industrial Fire

Before we think of the steps we must take, we have to first understand why fires break out. What are some of the most common causes of industrial fire?

Combustible dust

Industries are often quite full of industrial dust and it is rarely acknowledged or understood. Woodworking, food, chemical and metalworking factories have these small particles that can be very dangerous. This is because the dust is often more dangerous than the larger pieces. The problem with combustible dust is not as a source of fire, but what it does afterwards.

Fires usually breakout when a combustible source comes into contact with some kind of ignition source. This can cause a small breakout. But what makes it truly dangerous is when it spreads. This is where combustible dust comes in. It catches the fire already present and helps to spread it rapidly. Within minutes we have a situation which can go out of control. If there is enough dust that has settled, the fire hazard multiplies.

Ignoring storage regulations

We often think that only plants and factories that deal with hazardous material like fuel are in danger of an all-out fire disaster. But the truth is that most material can be highly combustible. Even cloth bales in a clothes manufacturing company can easily catch fire. But it is not just the raw material. We may also have flammable material stored on the premises that are essential for manufacturing process. For instance, diesel for the engines or chemicals used in certain processes.

But more than the material itself, it is the storage practices that actually prove more damaging. Most of these materials are allowed and essential in the industrial space. But they must be stored under the right regulations. They must be stored away from any ignition source. Typically, flammable material is stored at a cool space. There should be adequate fire fighting equipment nearby, including fire alarms and fire safety helmets for putting out any initial fires.

Work practices

There are some manufacturing processes that can increase the danger of fire. One of the essential requirements of a fire is ignition — heat or spark. This is where certain work processes like welding, soldering, heating, burning or brazing ends up providing the spark that starts a fire. When we are working with flammable material, such practices are best avoided. Yet, it is not always possible. Even in the lack of hazardous material, most industrial raw material are susceptible to fire.

This is why very strict policies must be followed when workers are engaged in such practices. Keep the area free of any flammable material. Make sure they are fully conversant with safety procedures. They should wear protective gear like fire safety helmets. There should be supervision and the provision for immediate assistance if a fore does break out.

Electrical hazards

A small spark in your wiring and it could be the end of everything! Common causes of electrical fires are overloaded circuits, exposed wires, static discharge or just plain wrong wiring. This is the small spark that can catch on rapidly and destroy everything within minutes. The only way to avoid this is by insisting on safe electrical outlets and practices. In addition, the workers at the premises must be taught about safety procedures so that no such incident occurs.

While we need to pay attention to some of these common causes, we also need to ensure that all fire fighting safety equipment like fire safety helmets are stocked and maintained properly on premises. When it comes to fire accidents, it pay to be cautious and ready for any accident.

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Solve your all Astrology Problems with the help of Vashikaran Mantra



Online vashikaran mantra

We all have problems in our lives and it keeps on pushing us back from excelling. This makes us feel bad and used in our lives. There are several problems that are faced by almost everybody and it’s completely different for all. You would like to understand the way to solve it so you’ll be able to lead your lives well. Problems are always present in everyone’s life. There is hardly a person you know, who isn’t into some or the other kind of problem. This means that life throws many types of situations to you, and you must dodge your way out of it. Some get given in it but most of the days you take off with flying colors. We all deal with problems in our own special manner. It should be wrong from time to time and backfire however typically it’s right. However, in intense things when nothing works in your favor and you are on the verge of giving away, there is a ray of hope. You should take it as an opportunity and work on it. Anyways things are not going as planned therefore you can try it out to see if some miracle works. This miracle is finished with the assistance of pseudoscience and Online Vashikaran Mantra techniques. Allow us to contemplate it in detail.

There are many ways to solve problems using astrology and vashikaran. Astrology is a study of planets and it helps you to know your current situation and what is close to come in your life. This way you can plan your future decisions accordingly. Many times, such guidance helps us to avert a major flaw in our process or makes us alert to deal according to the situation. The various ways in which to resolve problems are as below:

  • Vashikaran – Vashikaran is an art to get someone in possession so that they work as per you. You can solve almost any problem related to wedding, love, further marital affairs and similar kind. it is a very difficult problem to deal with as people make perceptions due to which a smooth sailing relationship goes for a toss. You should know how to deal with every situation, however if things quit of hand, vashikaran is there to induce you out of the situation. The consultants at vashikaran have in depth data and have devoted years into it to gain the proper experience. You’ll be able to also get an appointment for your problem and get it solved with ease and conviction. He also provides service of Online Horoscope Predictions. So, that you will get solution in few days.
  • Black Magic – this is a very renowned thanks to get your problems solved. It takes a mere three days only to handle the situation and you’d be completely out of it. It’s the ability to do the impossible. This method should be used as a last resort, so that you come to know concerning its power and the results.
  • Astrology – Astrology is necessary for you to know concerning your future that is predicted by the consultants. This prediction isn’t utterly correct however can assist you to achieve insights to set up for your future.

All these ways are done across the globe. However, you should know who is real in such a case. Else you would get duped of your cash and time. You need to figure on a holistic and accurate solution to get your life back on track. But with so much going on, it’s difficult to know that possibility is right. this can be explained through the expert who has in depth data and might guide you well. Betting on your state of affairs, the answer would be applied. This may be done through sorcery, vashikaran or Love astrology online that fits best. It’s not necessary that you go into for vashikaran all the time once it is solved with the assistance of star divination. It’s perpetually familiar that such problems block the mind of the person going through it and takes some steps that affect the situation even a lot of. The consultants assist you to get on the right track and stop doing things that can worsen matters further. You should be in constant bit with the Love Marriage Problem Solution till your problem is solved and provide inputs at each stage. It’s the best way to gain momentum on the situation and get on track with resolution it to the core. Many times, we do not wish to perform such tasks on our loved ones, but there aren’t any different options available that would keep them safe. So, you should not feel guilty concerning it else the results are delayed. Your continuous trust and support can help in account in results always.

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Take a Look Upon the Typical Uses of Gas Struts



Variable Force Gas Strut

Have you ever imagined how easily you open a door, or the car boot does not fall on to your head? Gas struts are one of the unsung heroes that make our everyday life quite easier. It actually controls the speed of the moving object and even controls the force of the moving body. Struts are the type of gas springs that are composed of the rod, housing tube, and a piston. It provides mechanical assistance especially while lifting and supporting any device or equipment.

Three Essential Components of Gas Struts

Usually, gas struts are comprised of three essential parts:

  • Rod is the structure through which pressure is applied to the springs. The rod is generally attached to the piston that controls the speed and energy applied to it while adding pressure.
  • Piston acts like a syringe or plunger that pushes the nitrogenous gas contained in the housing tube. A Piston is comprised of some holes so that the gas might escape from either side of it. When pressure is applied through the rods, it causes compression of the piston which helps in escaping the gas filled in it.
  • Housing Tube is partly composed of a piston and nitrogenous gas filled in it. In order to prevent the gas in the tube from escaping out, it is generally sealed packed.

Working of The Gas Struts

Till now, you might be clear about the contents or compositions of the gas struts, isn’t it? The complete working of the strut depends upon these three basic parts. The force acting through the strut is the difference between the total pressure applied to the piston and the pressure acting outside. In other words, the volume of the gas displaced determines the force factor.

The failure in the working of the gas struts mainly occurs due to the fact that it gets internally damaged. Overextension due to excess force is the major reason for the internal breakage of the parts. When extra force is applied to it, certain parts suddenly ejects out causing many accidental incidents and can even harm the workers

In many cases, the struts seem to be functioning normally without any defaults. However, this is not true. Sometimes, there are internal damages that are pretty hard to predict. Even if the struts seem to function effectively, once you remove the parts suddenly, it causes sudden ejection of the moving parts that prove to be harmful. Thus, it is essential to follow the safety steps and know the reasons for such damages. 

Different Types of Gas Struts to Know

#1. Standard Struts: These are the basic types in which a rod is attached to the piston which is inserted in the housing tube filled with nitrogenous gas. These are mainly used in the adjustable chairs, cargo and travel trailers, recreation vehicles, industrial and agricultural equipment and so on.

#2. Adjustable Locking Gas Struts: A lock is attached at the point of the movement of the piston so that at that particular position, the piston is locked thus inhibiting further free movement. These are generally used in the hospital beds and furniture in order to provide comfort to the patients.

#3. Stainless Steel Struts: The stainless-steel strut is mainly used in the corrosive environments. This strut is also available in different types, and they are- compression, tension, locking and many more. Such types usually feature the release valve and are usually used for pharmaceutical, food and marine-based applications.

With the use of a gas strut like structure, it is quite easy to carry out various works. Major types of machinery are composed of strut-like structures and are available in different sizes. It is even customized as per the industrial requirements. It has played major importance in lifting and supporting different components.

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