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How To Optimize Google My Business Place



Google local optimization employs most of the same techniques used in traditional Internet SEO.

Google My Business
Among the methods used to improve the probability of appearing in Google My Business Listing results are:

Google My Business1) Creating detailed and unique business descriptions with a proper density of targeted keywords.

2) Selecting the correct Google Places categories.
3) Creating customized fields.
4) Upload photos and videos with your listing (as many photos as possible).
5) Completing all fields including your business hours and area of operation.
7) Add posts and responses to reviews to keep your listing active.
8) Ensure that your Google Maps location is correct.
9) Add a local phone number.
10) Add your business address that’s same as your website and local directories.

11) Get real reviews from original customers.

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Online Marketing

Why You Should Implement Online Marketing for Your Business?



Online Marketing

Does your business still rely on paper Marketing? Tracking the employees is a crucial business process. At the outset when it is a small scale business managing employees manually is not a tough job. You can maintain a simple spreadsheet for that. As soon as your business grows, you hire more people, the numbers of projects add-on and the business become more complex. At that point, you will require more data and more intelligence to make informed decisions.

Why paper Marketings are not effective?

Managing the employees’ working hours, project assignment and what time an employee is spending in a specific project – are difficult to record manually. Most of the time employees recording information commit mistakes. Data recorded are unorganized, inaccurate and unreliable. Apart from the clerical errors, bad handwriting and smudges are serious problems with the paper Marketings. Drinks can spill over the papers, even your pens can leak destroying the efforts and time of the staff.

These difficulties often result in unbalanced payroll budget over time. Also you may lose your paper Marketings in the long run. But, Marketing is an important document that you may require anytime in the future. With so many works going around in the office, it is impossible to maintain Marketings of individual employees. Stacking the records will be truly a major issue, especially with the space.

It is far better to introduce online Marketings to track your employees’ working time along with other relevant details that are required to prepare the payroll.

Why you should introduce Marketing software in your business?

Marketing Software

Marketing software is called by different names in various organisations- web Marketing, time tracking software, time clock, attendance sheet, expense software – and the list continues. Sometimes it is just because of the country convention, while other times the name signifies differences in functions, the specific reason why the industry has introduced Marketing in their business.

In general, Marketing is used to capture and analyse the time spent by an individual employee in particular task. The term usually means projects and clients. The staffs are assigned to work on projects and deal clients. Costs and revenues differ on the basis of tasks, projects, clients and person. The Marketing provides insights how employees has spent their time in a project. Such detailed report can be used for further analysis. The study helps in billing clients and management decision making.

Marketing management software can be a stand-alone application, which can be used to report and business analysis. It is also possible to integrate the software with other business management application and the report generated using the software can be utilised in other business processes.

How to select the right software system for your business?

In order to select the right Marketing system you have to match your business requirements to what is available in the market. You need to consider a few things like:

  • Do you wasn’t to implement a standalone Marketing portal? Or you want it to integrate with other business applications?
  • What is the nature of your business? Do you have to report staff time to clients or you want to record it just to know how employees are spending time on internal activities?
  • How your staff will report time? Are they always in the same location or they log in from different locations using different devices?
  • How many people will be using the software? Will the number increase over time?
  • Which features will be must for your organisation?

There are several Marketing systems available worldwide. Therefore, it is a challenge to find appropriate software that will match your business requirements.

The online Marketing systems are easier to use and you can be assured that the employees will have no problem in filling out the Marketings. Instead of writing the time in a calendar or diary and transferring them at the end of the month, it is much flawless and simple to have software to keep the times of the employees. Processing the payment at the end of each month will not be a headache. The entire process will be computerized. If you are still using the spreadsheet to track employee data, it is time to implement online Marketing system that will synchronise with your business.

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5 Amazing Ways for Image Link Building




Link Building
People love visuals. Images are far better than regular texts. Images are the most efficient way to disseminate, build your brand, attract links to your website, and gain your visitors’ interest. “Link building is not just link building. It’s relationship building.” A picture can replace a thousand words and a thousand links when it comes to the marketing field.  A single relevant, valuable image can earn lots of referring domains. But link building via image is not an easy task. It requires lots of creativity, perfect tools, and curiosity. So I will describe here the successful ways to use images for link building. There are many types of images like infographics, memes, graphs, photographs, illustrations, typography, cinematography, etc. which you can use for link building. Let’s begin the description of the strategies and ways to build links through images.

Link Building through Infographics

Infographics link building is one of the most effective ways of image link building that has grown its popularity in past few years. There were huge spikes regarding links, social shares, visitors count, and brand mentions through this wonderful technique. Online marketing is getting more saturated day by day by this approach. There are many ways through which you can get quality links through Infographics:

● Social share on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram.
● Provide embedded codes for easier linking.
● Sending email outreach to bloggers who might found your infographic exciting and useful to their readers.
● Paid advertising on Reddit’s sponsored links and Stumbleupon.
● Submitting your infographics on infographics directory sites to gain backlinks, social signals and promote your infographics.

Link Building Through Memes

Memes are the social ideas that have the potential to go viral. It can make people laugh and get your message reach to their mind too. It’s easy to create even and can strike through your target audiences if your message is unique and humorous. Memes can be of great use for link building, your brand’s promotion and traffic. Read below to know the steps of using the method of memes for link building:

● First is the creation. You can create your meme by using online tools like Photoshop, and free tools like Quick Meme, and Meme Generator. They can help you create your meme in just a few seconds.
● Now you can share your meme via social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Google Plus, Tumblr and Pinterest and make your meme go viral.
● You can use your memes on content distributions like guest blogs, ebooks, presentations to build solid backlinks.
● You can even create video related memes and can submit  YouTube, and other traffic sources for better results.

Link Building on Pinterest

Pinterest is an image-based social media site and is the best place to share your images for link building. Pinterest can drive more traffic and sales than any other site. You can use Infographics, Memes, Typography, and Product images on Pinterest. Here is how to do the link building on Pinterest efficiently:

● Check out the most pinned images relevant to your niche and industry. You will get insights and the types of images that work best for your community.
● You need to create a strong follower base by getting them from Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Follow active users in your niche by tracking people who pin or repin popular images relevant to your categories. You just need to build interactions with their submission by repinning which will benefit your campaign on reaching out to them.
● The more you have your compelling images shared, the better changes would be there in getting them repinned.
● Take care of the timings of submission of your images. 7 am to 5 pm is the best time because the site has its highest activity between these timings.
● Do a manual research and outreach people in your niche. Send them a message asking whether they are interested to see your images or not. Share relevant, quality, and valuable images to increase your outreach’s repin rate.
● Use relevant keywords for your pins, boards, and descriptions.

Share Your Image to Other Websites

You can approach webmasters and gave them permission to use your images and ask a link to your site in return. This is a highly effective and proactive method to build links.

Originals always win the race. If you have your blogs with original photographs, then this technique is effective and beneficial. There are lots of niches like travel, fashion, food, home, decor, etc. which needs original photographs. You should target actual business websites relevant to your images collections because targeting website works far better than targeting blogs and it drives far better results.

You can get your target website’s information manually, or you can upload your targets to BuzzStream and leave rest to them to do it for you. Now pitch your targets through a valuable and attractive message saying you run a blog that focuses on for example food stories. You have a collection of original photographs and the team of talented bloggers around your continent. Ask them if they can partner up with you to deliver a better experience to their visitors and audience. End up with your website address, and owner name.  This powerful technique can bring you one powerful link.

Link Building through Reverse Image Search

You must have seen many websites who are using your images that you own the copywriter. You can ask them to credit you a link. Just search for the sites who have used your images without permission and gain links. So how can you do that?

You can use Google’s reverse image search process and then do any of the following options:

● Upload your image to find all possible matches.
● Enter your image URL.
● Use keywords in Google image searches like your image file name or your brand and logo.

You will then get the list of websites using your image and can ask them to credit you with links. This is an effective process to gain links to your site.


All the above methods can help you get backlinks to your site. But there are many website owners still now Many website owners are still unaware of image link building methods. Employing them will give you opportunities and advantages over your competitors. Start gaining links through these effective methods if you haven’t started yet.

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The Correct Link Building Penguin Algorithm For Tactics




Recalling the last article about Google Penguin algorithm history update history, as Penguin is mainly to combat online junk and junk link, then how to create a link is Google think white hat SEO practice? Today, this article is mainly about Google advocating the creation of high-quality links under the guidance of how we link construction, link building tactics which?

Google Penguin version 1.0-4.0 update summary

  1. The algorithm runs intermittently and can only be given or cancelled when it is released
  2. Punish the entire site, even when the junk link is only detected to a page
  3. Update is too slow, too long time to hurt the site too much
  4. Request reconsideration of the removal of the bad sectors to lift the penalty (at least in most cases)
  5. The quality links on these pages have also been accidentally deleted; paid links can get a good ranking
  6. Algorithmic updates modify and subdivide in real time, punishing a specific page, rather than the entire site. The company is located in:

The high quality of Google means making your site valuable to your target audience. Create really useful things – then let people know about it. Do not start building links where there is no value link. But many of the problems with link building appear to be building links before creating valuable content. The solution to this problem is to start with your website, create something by value, and start building the link.

Link building tactics:

  1. The basic method: By using a series of advanced query operators, you can often find resource pages related to the products or services you offer, even better-ranked and well-maintained directories. The more content on your site, the easier it is to find sites that link to similar resources and considers linking to you.  Then do the necessary research.
  2. Competitor research: Often, viewing the links of your competitors will show some websites that will consider linking to you or your content. Again, make sure you have something valuable before requesting any link – remember, just because website links to your competitors does not mean that this link is helping them to rank. Also, refer to the link quality.
  3. Visitor posting research: Guest posts are still a good way to generate exposure for your business and to reach viewers on the site. Remember, quality must be top priority. Similarly, if you have a chance to link to a paragraph in the body of your article and add value, you can naturally edit the vote in that article. I would tend to initially find blogs in your space and manually check if they have a guest name. You can also use search strings like “Keywords” + “Visitor Information”, “Keywords” + “Write Us”, “Keywords” + “Contributor” I like this approach, not the tool, Because of the high return of the site may be authoritative.
  4. Content + outside the chain: Once you have great content on your site, you can find websites that link to other articles and contact the site owners to see if they’ll link to your content. Ideally, your content should improve what they’ve linked so that the link can be swapped out, or you can include your link in addition to the original link.
    Content is a king so article submission play huge role in SEO work. Submit to a good quality article on high authority page rank site and get do follow backlinks. That is the way to make maximum backlinks in a very short time
  5. Bad chain and then build: This method is similar to point 4, but mainly finds the sites you want to link to and then uses Screaming Frog or Xenu Link Sleuth to crawl these sites for opportunities. There are a lot of fixes here, but you can find masons in these 404s and change the broken 404 link to your link!
  6. Local organizations: At a local business, I like links that help you get into physical location. Usually, you can find clubs or something like that and accept some of your sponsorship in exchange for secure brand links on their website pages. And you can build strong relationships with local businesses to attract more attention to your business and attract some excellent local links.
  7. Media and Public Relations: Can be offline, in the media and related publications exposure. In many cases this will generate a link back to your website, again helping you to build trust and relevance.

The best SEO often boils down to common sense. Garbage linked to the farm does not make sense. They are purely for SEO. This regressive approach means that many sites are top-heavy and do no content links.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where people look for the lowest-cost search engine optimization solution, and there are always SEO practitioners to fill that horror and to take a cheaper SEO approach to lower-cost SEO needs, which is why SEO threshold looks very low, but many people cannot do the effect of the reason to make a good effect master, but felt so lonely, because the real SEO practitioners, not for SEO, low-cost tactics, Focusing on every detail of more than 200 signals that help to rank the signals in a broad format. They see SEO as a real-time, fluid, changeable organization that adjusts their SEO tactics at any time based on their promotion.

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