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How Mobile Technology is Changing Each Year?



We are living in a competitive era, where technology has changed our lives to a great extent. It would not be wrong to say that modern man cannot live without technology. Now the question is what technology actually means? Why technology becomes an essential tool of a modern man?
Well, technology is a way to live an advanced life. It has changed the way of communication as well as offered so many dimensions to modern man to live a successful and comfortable life.

Boom of Mobile Technology

If we talk about mobile technology, it has greatly influenced our lives. Mobile is playing a great role in the flourishing your business on a global level. In short, workers or employees are not bound to work in the same location. 
You can easily communicate with others by using your phone. Even, if you are working with a third party; you can easily interact with them by using your phone. It is an advanced channel of communication that has changed our life completely. 
Therefore, if you are running a business, then make sure to use mobile technology because communication is the first step to any business success.
We can say that mobile technology is the branch of information technology.
It is an advanced way of sharing information with each other without leaving your exact location. You don’t need face to face conversation with your clients, colleagues or relatives to share any information or data.

Local search marketing

Local search means the promotional headlines. Modern customers are capable to do a mobile search for any service or product and can also receive results to their location. There are more than 50% customers who use mobile to search out the physical location of any store. 
Basically, it helps them to get an overview of the outlet before visiting it. This is the way to save your time perfectly. So, if you are running a business, then mobile technology will help you a lot to expand it. In fact, the most reliable and easy way of business marketing.

Mobile Promotion for economic benefits

The factor of banner blindness, a client’s skill to mentally block banner promotions while searching something on the internet. Well, in order to do perfect business marketing or promotion; prefer SMS and pull marketing. Having a clear vision of how to do marketing in the first step you need to take for your business success. 

Keep in mind that receiving news related to your business or services will automatically appeal your customer to check out what’s going on. So, use mobile technology and expand your customer circle.

The scope of retail apps

It would not be wrong to say that retailers are so much dependent on retail apps. It is the best way to keep your customers engaged within the outlet or outside of the outlet. First of all, you need to understand that how effective mobile technology is for your business. 
Having a perfect picture of how to entertain or engage your clients with the retail app is important for those working in the field of communication.

Utilizing big data

Everybody has a different opinion when it comes to big data. However, the majority of businesses use it to turn the casual browsers into big payers. Different stores who use ISP addresses or Wi-Fi technology to send ads directly to the customer’s number in their stores can understand this term quite well. Always keep in mind that communication is the base.
If you are not communicating with your customer by any mean, you cannot survive in the market successfully.

Amazing facility of internet

The last but not the least; mobile technology allows us to use different apps by using the internet. Usually, the internet is the source to do live chats, video calls or to use different social channels. In short, mobile technology and the internet has a connection with each other.
Moreover, Moco Space new phone allows you to purchase your brand new phone from a brick and mortar store. Things have become so easy so the importance of technology cannot be ignored. You can simply expand your business, your customers and services worldwide with the help of mobile technology. 



Tricks to Take Better Photos with Your Smartphone




Do you think you must have the best camera on a cell Phone to take better photos? Of course, this is true, but how you take the photos matters a lot. You may have the best camera of a cell phone and still, take low-quality photos and another person may have a low-grade camera on his Smartphone and take great photos.

First of all, you must learn how your Smartphone camera works and together with our compiled list of tips below, you can produce great photos on your Smartphone. It is good to understand that taking photos with your Smartphone is no difference with taking photos with any other camera, so, using the same tips as you could do with any other camera while taking photos with your Smartphone, can make you produce great photos.

Many Smartphone users tend to ignore the camera app that is installed in most Smartphones, however, for someone who is knowledgeable of what they are doing, the camera app can be a great tool to use and get some high-quality photos.

In this post, you will learn some of the important tricks that are especially useful for your Smartphone photography.

1. The camera App- Learn the configuration settings

If you are going to use the camera App that came with your Smartphone, you should learn how the settings are configured and how you can fine-tune the settings to better fir the scene you are taking your photos. The camera app is very beneficial and must not be overlooked. Ensure to fine-tune the aperture, shutter speed as well as ISO to enable the camera to take your photos appropriately.

Although these third-party cameras apps that come with Smartphones today are sometimes complicated to understand, that should not worry you so much since you can get many tutorials on the web that can act as a guide when using the camera apps. In fact, you can find and watch YouTube tutorials or visit the app developer’s website to learn the app settings.

2. Remove any dirt on your camera lens

 We use our Smartphones for many things, it could be sending and receiving messages, making calls as well as browsing the internet. While doing all these things, our phones are exposed to dirty and most of this dirty can accumulate on your camera lens thus affecting the quality of the photos taken with the phone. Also as you put your phone in and out of your pocket sometimes the camera lens gets dirty. It could be, spots from other things that are inside your pocket so ensure to clean the lens regularly by wiping any dirt that could have accumulated over time using a clean smooth cloth.

3. Ensure your hands are stable while taking photos

This is something obvious that any camera user must know and when it comes to taking photos with your Smartphone, you must ensure to hold your phone firmly to avoid shaking it as you take photos. It is good to buy a mobile tripod so that your phone is held firmly and if you don’t have a mobile tripod, it is good to find something else that can keep your phone stable.

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The Better Way to Circulate an Android App




The Google Play store hosts more than 2.8 million Android apps. In the last couple of years, there has been an incredible growth in the number of Android apps on Play store. And also, the more a mobile OS-ecosystem has apps, the more it will have users. On the other hand, the ever increasing number of Android apps on the Play Store makes it harder for app-owners / developers to get their apps noticed among users.

No doubt that the Google Play store has become a large ocean of apps. And it’s easy to get lost here, but experts can still make strategies to dive into it successfully.

Build an app as Google says.

In March 2012, Google renamed Android Market as Google Play. Many experts suggested that the renaming was just a Google’s gimmick of marketing and promotion. But the search engine company had broader plans behind doing that. Apart from apps, the new store was now also providing other content like books, movies, and music in online form. Google turned its store as its own version of iTunes as claimed by many experts that time. But the ultimate objective of Google was to have more potential Android users who would be using the content available on Google play store via their Android mobile devices.

But as there are so many apps, what developers want is that they can get their apps listed in the top listings on Google Play store. Unfortunately, Google has never hinted how the app owners and the developers can get the place in the top lists.

So how apps get to the tops lists on Google Play store? Well, if your apps have got some special traits, there may be chances that Googlers can choose it to show up on the top list segments. The lesson is – try too hard to add as many traits you can add to your app. Make your app fast and make sure it does not go loose with Google’s rules. Do not add pointless permissions that the app will never use. Make a UI that looks great on any device. Don’t apply the thumb rule ‘one size fits most’ which is actually a wrong approach. Yes, this makes resource management quite simpler, but it also damages app’s visual appeal. The best approach is you include graphics that are tailored to the screens of targeted devices. The app must also scale nicely between phones and tablets which mean it should be fully responsive, with cross-device compatibility.

For publishing an app on Google Play Store, your app must abide by certain rules which are as follows:

An Android app –
–    should not cross  the line in terms of restricted content;
–    should not interfere the intellectual property right of others, be not engaged in; deception or spamming;
–    needs adhering to the best privacy and security terms to ensure app safety;
–    needs following standard monetization practices to encourages a healthy ecosystem;
–    should not use unfair tactics to get to top listing and promotion or attract users;
–    should be suitable for kids and families;
–    needs managing policy violation and;
–    needs to be updated with latest development.

There are other places than Google Play

Why don’t you plan an app for Amazon’s Kindle Fire, and other third-party Android app stores? Launched in March 2011, the Amazon’s Appstore had more than 600,000 apps as of April 2016. Opera browser also has its own Android app store and in early 2014, it had 200,000 apps for Android devices. There are other popular third-party Android app stores like SlideME, Mobile Market, Samsung Galaxy App, Mobile9, etc.

There isn’t tough competition on these third-party app stores and, an app has excellent opportunities to get to top lists. Some developers say that the third-party stores are good place to make a sale, not for getting customers in bulk. But it is not true. Many developers have a fair amount of sales from third party stores too. If your app has good features, it has chances to easily get noticed in third-party stores and generate revenue too.

Run campaigns for promotion and marketing

You can begin promoting and marketing your app with building a one or two-pager micro-site like created for Snapchat and Path. Also, creating a teaser website will help you collect email addresses of people who like to know about your app. But make sure you launch such website at least a month or two before the launch.

You can also start a blog attached to the website and there, you can share content on regular basis. Then share these blogs on social media sites Twitter, Facbook, Google, and LinkedIn. 
Create an interactive and thought-provoking product video that tells the story behind your app in a way that people like to watch to.

Connect with those who will acknowledges your app

Another way to get an app noticed is to identify online places, such as blogs, websites, and magazines with a devoted user-following. There are many tech-blogs and, you can write for them to tell everything about your app. You can contact these bloggers and request them to write about your app or to publish a story.

You can also reach out to journalists and detail them about your app who will then publish stories in news papers and magazines. You can also pitch your app to app review websites like 148apps, AppStoreApps and AppAdvice and may certainly contribute to a lot buzz for your app.

You can apply for awards such as Kiip Build Fund or The Mobileys. If your app manages to win even a single award, you will also get to a ton of press without any efforts.

You can follow the above given tips to circulate your Android apps in a better way. This information is brought to you by expert Android mobile application developers.

Author Bio :- Sofia is a digital marketing expert in Rapidsoft technologies, a prominent mobile app development company which provides iOS and android app development services across the global. She loves to write on latest mobile trends, mobile technologies, startups and enterprises

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Why Is A Virtual Number Essential For Travelers?




When travelling, you are always looking out for deals, discounts and budget hacks.

But, have you ever wondered how much do you spend on your Telephone Bills while Travelling?

It might come as a surprise to you when you get to know that you are spending 82.5% more than the normal rate.

Normally, a Service provider charges around $20 per month to keep your cell phone number reserved with no plan. Moreover, International Roaming charges vary from $1.00 per minute all the way up to $2.99 per minute.

Wait, there is a solution for this. 

The solution is Virtual Telephone Numbers. With Virtual Numbers, you can park your cell phone numbers for as low as $5 per month. There is no International Roaming when it comes to Virtual Telephone Systems. The call rates are same, irrespective of wherever you are.

Virtual Telephony Systems are not only beneficial for the professionals but also find better implementation in personal lives.

Besides monetary benefits, Virtual Telephone Systems have a lot to offer. Here are various other benefits of adopting the new technology :

Number Portability 

Transferring your Phone number from your current service provider to a new Service provider is Number Porting. Here are some biggest advantages of number portability with a Virtual Telephone System:

You get to keep your existing phone number
You can avail better set of services when your number is ported to a different and better service provider
Your friends and relatives need not be informed about your changed contact details because they stay the same
Never lose contact with your friends and family due to number changes

No extra Hardware

Travellers love to travel light. Virtual Numbers do not need an additional mobile device to set-up, they can ring to any existing phone, tablets or even desktops! All you need is Internet connectivity.

Never miss a beat

Perennial Internet Connectivity is not a requirement. You don’t need to worry about missing out on important messages and phone calls because of your VoIP provider stores all your voice messages and call history. All in the cloud.

With features like Call Forwarding, you can even have your calls routed to your new/temporary numbers without letting anyone know about it.

Keep your Business running

If you are an entrepreneur who does not want to see his business suffer due to your passion for travelling, then a Virtual Number can be your saviour. You can keep your business up and run with the Call Forwarding feature. You can have your business line(the Virtual Number) forwarded to a local phone number for low per-minute rates. Or, you can answer/make the calls whenever and wherever with Virtual Number as long as you are connected to the Internet.

Getting back is easy 

After your prolonged trip, you can easily pick up from where you left. There are no cancellation charges when you wish to port back to a different telecommunication Provider. Travelers who shuttle between countries for a long duration, benefit the most out of this feature.

This is for all travellers out there.

When travelling, detachment is what you might be craving. You might even not want to use your phone. But, with a Virtual Phone System, you will be able to stay both detached and connected; the best of both Worlds! 

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