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Find Your Dream Home in a Luxury Villa




The city of Kolkata is seeing an enormous growth in its real estate sector. With national and international companies entering the market, real estate companies have started developing big scale high end residential projects in the city. Every day, new projects are being launched at all corners of the city. While most of these projects being developed are offering its residents spacious luxury apartments; there are a few real estate companies who have planned for residential projects which have villas .

A luxury villa is designed keeping in mind the maximum comfort of its inhabitants. The rooms are spacious, planned in a way that allows maximum natural light to enter all spaces and ensures good cross ventilation. When the residents enter these villa homes after a hard tiring day at work, they are sure to experience the highest level of calm and serenity.

As real estate developed in the city, stand-alone apartment buildings made way for big housing complexes. These residential projects offer large spacious flats with the added facilities of parking, children’s play area, walking/jogging track, gymnasium, swimming pool, 24-hour CCTV surveillance, security personnel and many more added benefits. In the last few years, such residential complexes have become really popular and more people are buying apartments in these projects.

But with competition increasing in the real estate market, companies have to come up with new concepts of residencies to provide a fresh and innovative living experience to the residents. These new projects with villas for sale in Kolkata provide an opportunity to enjoy opulent living while being in the lap of nature. These residential villa complexes give residents a chance to have the freedom of living in spacious villas while also reaping the benefits of living in a gated housing complex. There is abundant greenery all around the complex with trees planted at regular intervals. These projects also have the additional amenities including gymnasium, swimming pool, children’s play area, jogging and cycling track, banquet hall, indoor games room, tennis court, mini golf area, fishing deck, multi-cuisine restaurant and many more world class facilities. There is also a team of personnel to look after the landscape and garden areas. A dedicated security team is also present during all hours of the day.

Most of these villa homes are located in remote locations away from the chaos of the city. But the project is very well connected to the main parts of the city being just about half an hour drive away from the Bypass and Park Circus, and the Ruby connector.

Opting for luxurious living choices is the new trend among modern home owners. With a growth in economy, the spending power of the people has also increased. These villas in Kolkata are targeted to the rich and affluent sections of the society. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, these villas are ideal for spending a quiet and peaceful weekend. Families who have the money to spare can buy these villas to serve as holiday homes for the purpose of weekend trips or as a getaway location. These luxury villas can also turn out to be great venues for events such as a wedding, family picnic or even for business purposes.

For those looking to invest into real estate for revenue purposes, Buying Luxury Villa is a great opportunity. Most of these projects are being developed near the city bypass or the highway, and thus, have great connectivity to the international airport. These well structured spacious villas located in the lap of nature are a great attraction for both local and international buyers.

These residential villa complexes are being developed in compliance with all ecological guidelines. High quality SRI tiles are used on the roof to reflect maximum solar heat. There is provision for roof and non-roof rain water harvesting that recharges the groundwater level. On-site organic waste converter and sewage treatment plant have been installed in these projects. Solar water heating system takes care of all the domestic hot water requirements. The exteriors of the villas and other outdoor areas have been painted with Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) paints to reduce the harmful effects of paint. The common areas are installed with Lower Lighting Power Density (LPD) to reduce power consumption. These luxury villas provide residents with high standards of living while maintaining the tranquility of its peaceful surroundings.


Real Estate

What to Pay Attention to When Buying a House?



So, you are looking into buying a house. It’s great news. But, this task is something that you shouldn’t take for granted. Especially if you are obtaining a property for the first time. There are some things you must pay attention to when buying a house. What are these things? Keep on reading and learn more!

Take care of every aspect

This is something you should consider very seriously. Every aspect matters and affects other ones. So, make sure you take everything into consideration before making your final decision. Every detail matters.

Money makes the world go round

The first thing you should consider and take care of is your finances. Calculate your budget. Make a solid plan. And remember to keep it real. Don’t lie to yourself. Be realistic when it comes to money. If you need a loan, make sure you set up a meeting with your lending officer. Talk to people who have experience in this field. Explore your options online and in real life. Talk to the people you trust. Ask for advice. Do everything you can to make the best possible decision. It can affect every aspect of your life, so make sure it is the right one.

What are the laws?

As we all know, the laws are different and vary from state to state, so make sure you know what you are getting into. Research on this topic. And maybe even consult with a lawyer. If you don’t come prepared, you will risk losing a lot.

Opting for professional assistance is always a good idea

That’s right. If you want everything done correctly, you should look for professionals who can help you. One task at a time. First, you should look for an agent. The real estate agent is your best friend, trust us. And for many reasons. You can trust and rely on this person. Your real estate agent is always there for you – whenever you need him or her to be. For legal advice and to answer your every question. Buying a house is quite confusing, and having someone in your corner is always a good idea.


Once you find yourself an agent, things will get much simpler. They really will. Every aspect of buying a house is hard, but things tend to get much easier once you have someone who can help every step of the way. And one of these steps is definitely finding the right price. There are many properties out there that are overpriced. And yes – you should avoid having to pay extra money for no reason. That is where your real estate agent comes in. He or she will have answers to your questions. And even more importantly – this person will know if you are going in the right direction.

Is everything okay with the property?

Before you sign any documents and give your money away, make sure you inspect the property you are interested in. And when we say inspect, we mean – really inspect. Every inch of it. This aspect is really important. Especially if you are looking to save some extra money. If you find anything that doesn’t fit the description – you can lower the price and start negotiation all over again. Or even start looking for another property if it seems like too much.

How to move in after you finish buying a house?

This part may seem like the easiest one, but it really is not. You will be exhausted, and relocation is just going to be a cherry on top. So, we advise you to look for professional assistance once again. And professional moving company takes care of things for you. And who doesn’t like that?

Moving is a lot harder than it seems

It’s true. Packing your whole life in a few boxes isn’t just that. It isn’t really a few boxes and a suitcase. It’s a lot to take one. And there is no shame if you need professional help when moving home. Relocations are hard and time-consuming. And you will lose a lot of energy while buying a house. For that, and every other reason – you will need some professional assistance. Believe us.

Additional tips to help you when buying a house

Look for the red flags. Be meticulous. Every detail matters. It is a big investment, and you will want everything to go smoothly. And better than that – you will want it to be perfect. Well, it can be. But you will have to be concentrated. Really concentrated. And devoted to it. If anything smells funny, look for another property. There is no need for you to take any risks. Not when buying a house. No matter if it is your first time, or you have done it before.

Enjoy your new house

Once you finish your buying-a-house project and move in, it is time for you to relax. Enjoy your new start. Give it some time to adjust. Give yourself some space. Meet the neighbors. Visit local bars and restaurants. Buying a house can be quite stressful, but once you do it – it is time for you to relax and take it easy. So, do it! Enjoy your new house. Redecorate it. Make space feel like your own. You deserve it. And after you go through so much trouble – you really should give yourself some slack. Make a dinner and call your friends to join you. Enjoy it. Have a nice time, and it’ll start feeling like home in no time.

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Know-How Real Estate Developers Gaining Popularity by Developing Smart Projects




Kolkata, West Bengal have seen many changes over the period of time, the people, the streets, the residential structures, the streets, newly developed bridges, flyovers, skywalks and what not are being developed in this city. Day after day Kolkata has taken up challenges to become one of the best place to stay, work and play. People from different countries, cities, and states are coming over to Kolkata, due to this the real estate developers started to expand Kolkata’s boundaries and improve the quality of their high rise structures too.

Each and every one is working pretty hard to make this city joyful again. It is the home of big time multinational corporations (MNCs), IT companies, chartered firms, clothing business houses, export & import businesses, and many more. It is one of the greatest city where one can even get lost while exploring the depths of Kolkata. The city may look small in GPS or Google Earth, but no it is not small it is huge with water bodies, with small to tall buildings, temples, museums, tourist spots, ancient buildings and many things.

People all over the world visits Kolkata to understand that how this city is managing all these new developed changes on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. Since the 1984 to 2018 many suburban areas of Kolkata started to develop metro railway station to stay connected each and every part of the city. Places like Dum Dum, Phoolbagan, New Garia, Garia Bazar, Bansdroni, Tollygunge, Jatin Das Park, Rabindra Sadan, and many other places have metro rails some are very old and some are newly developed. Kolkata even has some of the best hotels, restaurants, and resorts, each one of them provides the best feeling one can get in any other city or country.

Kolkata has some of the top reputed and renowned real estate developers too, they strategically designed, developed and constructed new homes, residential complexes, apartments, duplex bungalows, and many more in different places in Kolkata. One would not believe the newly developed constructed buildings and homes all come to the near vicinity of the city with super fine transportation, yes people can travel to different places from their homes. Real estate companies are actually giving help to the growing population of Kolkata, they are building high-tech projects which will offer hordes of facilities like swimming pool, kids pool, children’s playing area, spacious parking areas, shopping malls, departmental stores, badminton & tennis courts, food courts, cycling & jogging tracks, and what not.

For so many years people of Kolkata got accustomed in living their lives within concrete jungles, they were tired of their old way of living, some even complained to themselves that buying homes in this city has made their lives happy to sad. After so many acquisitions came to the doors of Government of West Bengal that people need new open area spaces to live where they can find nature’s touch and the feel of living life peacefully. This made many real estate developers think that, now they need plans of making Kolkata grow more beautifully with the presence of nature. Instead of making concrete jungles they need to make buildings luxuriously, which can provide comfort and peace of mind at the same time with the presence of nature within the residential projects. One thing more real estate developers need to keep in mind is that they should not price up their projects so aggressively as this will turn down many potential home buyers.

In the early days the price of residential apartments and flats used to cost way much people used to think twice before investing in them, and many even turned their backs on the face of many newly developed buildings. But everything changed in the second third quarter of 2017. When demonetization shook India and lowered down the real estate market estimations which disappointed many such real estate developers. But Kolkata somehow managed to shake this thing off!! Real estate developers started to provide add-on schemes, different deals and discounts and even lowered the rates of their residential projects. This actually lured out many positive and potential home-buyers as they were getting their dream flats and apartments without burning a hole in their pockets and bank accounts.

Real estate developers strategically planned their way out during these hard times which made them experience that what people of Kolkata wants from them and what needs to be done in the correct way. Due to this plan nearly 40% people started to buy flats and other residential projects in Kolkata. Till now also in the 1st quarter of 2018 real estate developers are building smart homes which provides varieties of amenities and facilities. It is indeed one of the best time to buy apartments in Kolkata. As people are getting value for money residential properties to live their entire lifetime.

Mr. A.S. Sivaramakrishnan the Head of Residential services CBRE South Asia Private Limited said in a press conference that Kolkata had a steep rise in their real estate market in the year of 2017 – 2018. This happened because the investor demand was met perfectly when it was compared to what real estate developers were offering the same with high price rates in some of the premium locations in India. Real estate developers in Kolkata have become aware that what people of Kolkata wants their new homes to be like.

In order to push their residential properties in the markets they literally lowered down the price of their properties so competitively that they even restricted giving a hike in the price for the time being. This simple implementation of idea led to the overall improvement of the hike in the real estate market of Kolkata. They were able to get around 76% house demand from the end-users of Kolkata till the Q1 of 2018.

Now whatever residential projects are being in Kolkata every projects are being offered with the touch and feel of nature present within the projects. The residential projects are becoming more tech savvy. Real estate developers are trying to design and develop new automated homes so that buyers can control the whole ambience of their new homes with a simple mobile application. For example with the help of mobile applications home buyers can switch on and off the lights, fans and control the air conditioning systems. Residential developers are trying their best to make new homes which can be customized by the buyer later on whenever they want. Even experts say that energy efficiency have become one of the hot topics of a smart home as by the use of some sophisticated tools in smart homes can help in reducing the overall consumption of energy which further helps in cutting down the cost of electricity bills. This helps tech savvy buyers to get value for money smart homes in Kolkata. Even the security of these smart homes have been improved as the residential projects are being built with pre-installed smart CCTV surveillance cameras which have the capabilities of recording wide angle videos and can even work during low light and foggy areas.

With these possibilities real estate developers of Kolkata are developing the lands of the city to its potentials so that in the upcoming future people will be able to live happily in their brand new homes.

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Perfect Agent: How Technology Will Transform The Real Estate Industry



how-technology -will-transform-rhe-real-estate-industry-1

Technology keeps growing over the years, gradually taking over many sectors around the world today. Real estate isn’t left out either, as it has constantly improved technology-wise. With technology coming up with new upgrades every time, we can be so certain that real estate also aspires for the best in technology.

Selling and Buying a house is now much easier with the use of smartphones and technology, where a lot of things are now a click away. While we know that technology is here to stay, we might not be ready for the kind of transformation it will have on the real estate industry.

How Has Technology Transformed the Real Estate Industry So Far?

  1. Transparency

There are lots of information about real estate that you need to know, and technology helps make this easier. You can now get all the information on several websites, where everything is explained and broken down in detail. This will help you know about pricing, how to identify a licensed real estate agent, home listings and updated data necessary for you. This opens you to a lot of things you need to know, and there is virtually nothing to hide from the public eye.

  1. Online Reviews And Ratings

The real estate industry often make use of reviews and ratings on homes and services. This will help clients to review other clients or real estate properties and rate them, providing enough information about them that other prospective clients might need. The reviews and ratings also help to uncover purchase history and criminal activities in a particular area and help clients weigh their options before making decisions.

  1. Enhanced Speed

Real estate used to be a pretty long hectic process before technology came into the picture and made things faster and easier. You can now buy and sell even from the comfort of your home, due to the improvement of technology over the years. You won’t have to gather too many paperwork when you can schedule meetings and sign contracts via the internet. Buying and selling are even faster now, as you can put your building up for sale with all the details involved, and have many people view and indicate their interest.

  1. Marketing

Marketing has dramatically improved via the use of social media, and it has never been so easy as it is now. With minimal cost, struggle, and risks, you can reach thousands of prospective clients and make sales. Social media marketing and SEO have gone over the roof in technology now, as it helps to draw in a lot of views on any property you have on sale.

  1. Exploring New Areas Using Digital Tools

With digital tools, you can now explore new areas without being physically there. This will save you from a lot of stress and expenses, and you end up saving more. In addition to exploring new areas, you can also have access to marketing techniques and tactics, making things much more comfortable for everyone.

Technological Advancements in Real Estate

  1. Big Data

Every sector in the business world relies on data to thrive, and it is no different for the real estate industry. With technology, real estate can go farther by making use of their data, which gives an insight into past records. This will help them see their strengths and weaknesses and know where to improve. With time, they will have an improved and more realistic data that will be helpful in projecting.

  1. Blockchain Analysis

Blockchain technology helps to record transactions across computers, including bitcoin transactions. With more property listings, records and transactions, blockchain technology will be efficient in the real estate industry. This will help secure transactions and make it difficult for records to be altered since it’s already networked across many computers.


While technology might be gradually transforming the real estate industry, the place of people playing their part physically can’t be erased entirely. Some people give advice and counsel to buyers and sellers who would need them. Also, beginners in the business will need to understand how real estate works fully, and in this case, getting an expert in the industry to put them through is often the best option.

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