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Editorial Guidelines

Here are some Rules of Guest Posting

Please follow these rules before publishing any content:

  • Submit your article only in the English language.
  • Title Must Be Unique and Attractive. (Should be lace than 80 characters)
  • The article must be greater than 1000+ words. (Admin recommend to publish 1500 words content)
  • Need to be Well-structured for readability ( We use Yoast SEO to check readability score check).
  • Content should be descriptive and grammatically error-less.
  • Content must be meaningful and have to full fill user query.
  • Don’t use any company, organization, person, and community name on the content body or post title area but you can use their name as a reference, like for example not for promotion.
  • We only allow one hyperlink in the body content. But you can use more as Google recommend more hyperlink to make the article more informatics. (Make hyperlink to the high authority site and content)
  • We love internal linking. Link already posted articles.
  • Your article will be live after reviewing. It can take 10 to 15 working Days.
  • Publish your articles with relevant images, try to use royalty free images (Get free image from and If you use copyright image then mention the source.
  • Don’t post any copyright, duplicate, spam and spin or low-quality content. If we found duplicate content, it will be deleted by our editor without any prior notice and your account will be suspended. Your content has to pass Copyscape to publish on this blog.
  • Don’t post tobacco, alcohol, gambling and weapon-related content.
  • Adult content is strictly prohibited.

If you face any problem please contact us. We will be happy to help you.

Some Common Reasons for Rejecting the Article:

Nowadays we receive a huge amount of the guest post, we may be delayed to reply emails. However, you will usually hear from us within 10 or 15 working days. Here are some common reasons for not accepting articles:

  • The article contains is full of grammatical errors.
  • We normally require at least 1000 words but sometimes we make an exception if the content is high quality with a unique idea.
  • Challenging to read the content or it does not have useful information.
  • If the content is too promotional or it reads like an advertisement.
  • Duplicate articles.

Note: We provide the do-follow backlink. So don’t add the affiliate link, all links must correspond to the content.

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