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Best Headphones to Prevent Hearing Loss



As we all know that listening to music at too high of a volume for a long period of time can damage our hearing, but is there any safe way to listen using headphones?

The problem is that in measuring of those volumes, and the body is unfortunately good at withstanding very loud sound pressures without immediately telling us that something is wrong. Headphones are the best method for many of us who want to listen to music since there is little room for sounds to get deform in a distance between ear and speaker. The best advantage of headphones is the ability to hear every little detail in the music, so people prefer the use of headphones instead of loudspeakers. It is also portable and allows the listener to keep their music private.


Regarding their positive benefits, headphones are often a cause of hearing loss because it has potential to damage the eardrum.Using headphone responsibly and learning how to avoid hearing damage should be one of the things all audiophiles and even regular headphone user should be aware. Here are some best type of headphones to prevent hearing loss

  • Over-Ear Headphones-

over ear headphones are come in two different types: open and closed. In open type of headphone, there is no seal between the headphone and the ear. If you think about classic foam earpiece, this is a general idea. The ear pads tend to be replaceable and it does not trap sound inside the space between the headphone speaker and eardrum. This means that sound can easily escape, and also not allowing music to get too loud, damaging the ear. Unfortunately, it also allows for more sound to enter the ear that decreasing the effectiveness of the headphone. Whereas tend to overcompensate that and increase the volume of their music, which in turn leads to hearing loss.

Closed over-ear headphones are noise canceling headphones. They create a solid seal that traps sounds inside the ear and does not allow the outside sounds to penetrate the headphone. These headphones prevent hearing loss if used properly because the listener has control over what is hitting their ears. They can turn down the volume on their music because they do not need to compete with outside sounds.

  • In-Ear Headphones-

it is also called as earbuds, have increased its popularity over the year due to their small size and powerful sound. Earbuds of the headphones fit completely inside the ear and placing the speaker extremely close to the auditory canal. And that makes the wearer hear exactly only what they want to hear and completely close the other outer sound. It makes the sound only to hear what the wearer want to hear. But we also have to be careful of a level of volume after a level it can be harmful. Because we better know that what is hitting our ear and what is not. When we used it at reasonable volume level it is a very safe choice. However, when it used incorrectly they can cause major damage to ears.

  • Bluetooth headphones-

Bluetooth capabilities are now standard in many phones, cars, televisions, and other technologies. it does not require to be plugged into a device to work. They use a wireless signal to connect, though the wearers have to maintain a close distance to the device that it is connected. It is portable and easy to use.One of the best thing about Bluetooth is that it is used not only in headphones but also in hearing aids. People with hearing loss use the Bluetooth hearing aids.And it also not so harmful to the hearing. Nowadays many of people are like to use the Bluetooth headphones and they feel comfortable with it.

There are also some headphones that prevent hearing loss

  • V-Moda Over-Ear Noise isolating headphone- this noise-canceling model has memory foam on the ear cushion so as you wear it, the headphone becomes more fitted to your ear which reduces noises.
  • dB logic EP 100 earbuds- these DB logic buds remove the temptation of turning up the tunes too loudly. The max volume is 85 decibels, which is the current limit from the occupational safety and health administration. It is also the best option for kids.
  • Audio-Technica Premium solid bass in-ear headphones- it finds the right spot for the optimal hearing. It also promises to noise cancellation with their double air chamber design.
  • AfterShokz Bluez open ear wireless headphones- These headphone Reston head instead of in your ear. The open ear design means sound goes in through the part of your ear right below your temple.
  • Maxwell safe Soundz headphones- while they don’t make safe sounds for adult, they do offer a variety of over-ear headphone designs based on age range and size of children. these headphones reach maximum decibel-based on the age of the wearer.


6 Benefits of Listening to Music




Do you enjoy listening to music? Well, majority do. Listening to music is great and it has good effect both on your health and your daily normal life. The effect music has on you, will also be determined by the equipment you use when listening on to it. Some feels good while listening to very loud music while others will prefer low volume. All the same if you rarely have time for music, you’re missing on something and you got to change on your schedule and have some time to enjoy a great music.

1. Kills boredom

Listening to music will help you to avoid being bored. For example, imagine in a case where you’re travelling for more than 10 hours, may be through a flight or using any other mode of transport. With no music and unfamiliar people around you can get really bored. Boredom will get you tired quite easily which is not good for you and especially when you’re travelling. Listening to music in this case will do wonders.

2. Some music passes important information

When you listen to music word by word keenly and without singing along, you’ll get to gain some information from it. Most of the gospel music passes the bible information. You get to learn more through music while enjoying the tune. What a nice way of learning!

3. Helps you to unwind

Listening to music soothes your mind. It is then the best thing to turn to when you can’t stand doing anything else. When you experience hectic days and especially in your work place and a lot of pressure such that you feel as if your head is about to burst in the next minute, listen to cool music and you’ll be relaxed within no time.
Are you wondering where to get the music from, without money for streaming but you have a smartphone or a laptop? Free Unblocked Music Sites will have more than enough for you.

4. Motivates you to exercise

You may have realized music is played in most of the gyms. This is because it motivates you to exercise and not to be lazy. You should also plan to take your earphones with you when you are running, taking a walk or even riding. You will become more active than when you leave them.

5. Promotes weight loss

You tend to eat slowly when you’re listening to music. And by doing so, you eat less food because you realize when you get full. Eating fast make you eat more before you realize you have had enough and therefore you gain a lot of weight which is not healthy for your body.

6. Reduces anxiety and stress

The soothing effect of music will make you calmer when you’re stressed or anxious about something, Music will also make you fall asleep and therefore you won’t have to deal with the stress at that particular time.

The above are amongst the many benefits that music can have on you. So go on and enjoy every beat as you make your body healthier.

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Sage Music: 8 Amazing Benefits of Learning Piano



The innovation of the piano in 1700 greatly revolutionized the melodic scene back then, and since that time, the music world has not remained the same again. Invented by the instrument maker, Bartolomeo Cristofori, the piano has evolved into regular musical equipment used by almost every music maker and player. Acquiring information on playing the piano through piano lessons has a lot of benefits for you and eight of them are treated in this piece.

1. Gateway to All Music – Piano

Every creative musical work probably starts with the piano because it encompasses everything a songwriter and composer desire. It possesses a colossal range, uncomplicated performance, distinct charismatic options and delightful tone. A lot of musicians started their musical careers by practising with their family pianos when they were young, and this was made possible because the piano is an instinctive instrument. Almost every song with a melody as well as chord progression has the capability of being harmonized for playing on the piano, not considering the complication of the arrangement of the song. The piano is ideal for every player no matter their level of skill level as well as background and the advantages of going for piano lessons will be achieved easily by all players.

2. Exercising New Language Skills

Acquiring information on playing the piano can boost language development especially among children. Research conducted in the early 1990s revealed that preschoolers who were enrolled for piano lessons had improved language development and spatial-temporal intelligence. Furthermore, it was discovered that pianists who solo make use of their brains linguistically like responding conversationally as well as grammatically.

3. Strengthens Hand Muscles & Hand-Eye Coordination

Hand Muscles & Hand-Eye Coordination

Mastering to perform the piano helps to fortify hand muscles and hand-eye coordination. Researchers suggested that piano players have changed the cortical mapping of their hands to boost the speed of their fingers. Anyone with reduced motor skills can learn to play the piano in order to challenge the brain connections to motor movement and enhance coordination.

4. Improved Counting & Math Skills

Math Skills

If your child is having difficulty with counting and mathematics, enrolling him/her for a piano lesson is not out of place. Research carried out by Martin F. Gardiner, and his associates showed that specially designed musical training in particular increments toward higher difficulty enhanced second graders’ mathematical skills considerably above their mates.

5. Inspires Creativity

Learning to play the piano or attending piano lessons encourages creativity. A recent study carried out by Dr Ana Pinho on jazz piano players in which she monitored their mind action while playing, revealed that the area of the pianist’s brain in charge of default or cliché reactions was absolutely turned off. Rather, when they are producing music, their brain’s improvisation capacity is aroused to produce exceptional, fresh melody and style.

6. Mastering The Piano Helps To Reduce Stress and Anxiety

In 2013, the National Library of Science published an article which revealed that acquiring information on playing the piano is an action that is very helpful in treating depression and relieving stress. According to the research by the organization, piano lessons reduced depression, activated affirmative mood states and enhanced the psychological as well as physical QOL of those that are aged. The report suggested that producing music with the piano and being trained to comprehend music is a suitable method of promoting cognitive reserve (CR) as well as boosting subjective comfort in adults, especially the elderly. If you are looking for a drug-free method to reduce stress, boost mood and comfort, learning to play the piano is your best bet. Playing the piano is beneficial to everyone, young or old, and it offers a complete remedy for mood disorders.

7. Piano-Playing Helps Better Achievement in School

Better Achievement in School

If your children are finding it hard to focus on school, you can enrol them in lessons on piano. A lot of research by scientists have shown producing music with instruments such as the piano tends to boost a child’s aptitude to listen, concentrate and learn either in or not in school. Studies have revealed that constant instrument teaching from childhood can assist the brain in processing sounds better, thereby enhancing concentration on other school subjects. Learning the piano can adjust the brain chemistry of your child to learn with ease both at school and at home.

8. Playing the Piano Adds Beauty To Your Life

Music composed for piano has the capacity of bringing out strong emotions in you. Piano music is capable of giving you real beauty and great delight. You need an experienced tutor to assist you in getting started to get all the benefits. A good instructor will open up to you everything you need to know about piano playing through well-organized piano lessons. He will provide you with understandable warm-ups and scales so that your hands will get used to playing.

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Top 5 Best MIDI Keyboards




The MIDI keyboards are the one among the most necessary items of music production instrumentation once you think about building a studio. Below is our list of prime five best MIDI keyboard controllers obtainable these days.
Most of those are available in completely different key counts; give numerous extra functions likewise as embrace pads and a few tight software system bundles. Read them and see which suits your budget and overall preferences. Also, read the post about the best MIDI keyboards here.

Novation Impulse

Novation Impulse is presently the most well-liked MIDI keyboard controller. The Novation Impulse is among the best MIDI keyboards on sale nowadays. It’s been listed here at no 1 for many reasons particularly structure, build of the keypad and it price is comparatively honest.
The only limitation is that it doesn’t accompany any software system package however currently several corporations produce and incorporate package bundles like DAWs, FX or VSTs in controllers to warrant upgrades or just higher prices.
The Novation Impulse comes with two comparatively nice VSTs and Ableton Live late. Despite the fact that its build isn’t pretty much as good as that of the Akai model, it works simply fine.

Akai MPK2

Akai Professional’s initial MPK array of MIDI keyboard controllers overpoweringly captured the market to quickly become among the well-liked MIDI instrument. Akai professional has discharged a progressive upgraded version of their extremely regarded keyboards with extremely reliable stability and generally transferable options.
Additionally, it comes with an in-depth software system package. Aside from the mini, every key count version consists of Ableton Live late, SONiVOX Twist 2.0, MPC software package (relatively reliable however we tend to commend finding a package that’s a lot of dependable) and Hybrid 3.0 virtual synth.
The key style is extremely solid; among the most effective we’ve encountered up to now and its drum pads speed-responsive with RGB backlight. They provide you many alternatives with reference to the quantity of keys and cost; key count ranges from 25-key for the mini to an entire 61-key.
It’s a bit a lot of expensive compared to novation Impulse MIDI keyboard however it comes with further extras like a superior software system package, a typically higher structure, and an arpeggiator.

Novation Launchkey

Launchkey is cheaper than all Impulse that has been described previously. Thus, this model is usually recommended for people who want to pay concerning hundred bucks less. Launch keys have comparatively smaller drum pads compared to oxygen and Akai models.
Additionally, is has transferable button and faders and conjointly mod and pitch mix wheels. Typically, it’s nice structure and it’s terribly reliable being a novation brand. It includes Bass Station VST and Novation V-Station for both mac and computer.
M-Audio oxygen

M-Audio, terribly cheap however consists of pads some essential faders, encoders similarly as extra transferable options. Its keys are of wonderful quality, are full size, are synth action and extremely responsive. Oxygen’s transport controls perform well with almost any accessible daw. It’s shipped with SONiVOX Twist and Ableton Live late software system packages.
Go for this if you’re not very concerned regarding software system packages and would overlook some structure deficiency for a cheaper price, however, would still need your MIDI keyboard with pads.

M-Audio Keystation

M-Audio may be a cheaper price key station that makes it terribly appropriate for those not eager to pay too much. It’s comparatively simple; it consists of keys, pitch and modulation wheel and solely a number of extra features. It thus ideal for those not curious about pads or subtle controls; solely offers the required functionalities, therefore, the cost-effectiveness.
The keys are synth action therefore somewhat springier compared to full and semi-weighted keys (this is desirable) and their build is reliable with relevancy the worth of the keyboard. It’s typically reliable and it’s counseled for people who would desire an easy and cheap keyboard.
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