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Autonomous Vehicles with Common Sense: How AI is Removing Roadblocks to Intelligent Driverless



In the last decade or so, autonomous vehicle technology has swept through the automotive industry. Major automakers are now utilizing AI technologies to come up with the best possible driverless cars. The reason for this has to do with the fact that AI is fully capable of learning from sensory inputs, i.e., real images and sounds.

Once the technology is applied to driverless cars, it recognizes different environments and comes up with viable solutions when faced with roadblocks. In 2015, the installation of AI systems in vehicles was a mere 8%, but the number is expected to jump to a staggering 109% by 2025.  Believe it or not, AI is actually removing roadblocks to smart driverless cars.

Read on to learn more.

Enhanced Connectivity

One of the most commonly used terms these days, connectivity, is something people expect from new technologies being introduced every now and then. As can be seen with how successful social media platforms are, it should not come as a surprise that people like to stay connected to others, and even information for that matter.

Automotive industries are already working on tweaking AI to serve as infotainment systems that allow drivers and passengers to do much more than sitting around while their driverless car drives them to their destination. There will eventually come a time when people will be able to send emails and connect to their smartphones via AI enabled automobiles to be more productive than ever before, at least in theory.

The very same technology is already contributing to making connected vehicles safer. This is made possible by V2V (Vehicle-to-Vehicle) technology, which communicates with other similarly outfitted cars to inform them of what is going on around them, thus preventing accidents.

AI-driven Driverless Cars

People have been anticipating driverless cars as far back as the 1970s. If the popularity of shows like Knight Rider did not make it evident enough, AI-powered vehicles have captured the imaginations of people for quite some time. The lack of technology prevented Autonomous cars from becoming a reality, but that is the case no more.

All the factors that have led to the creation of AI have actually shaped how driverless cars are meant to be. Eventually, there will come a time when driverless cars will actually exhibit intelligence.

The idea here is to empower these cars with the ability to think like a human and perform just as good or even better in different circumstances. All of this is slowly and gradually taking form thanks in part due to deep learning and sensor fusion. In fact, researchers have successfully developed a technology that creates a three-dimensional image map highlighting any and all activities happening around driverless cars.

Machine Learning Complements AI

Machine learning is not the same as AI. Where AI is developed as a result of precise scientific experiments, allowing the technology to act like humans when applied to machines and devices, machine learning serves as a subset of AI, where computers are given specific data to learn on their own.

When AI and machine learning are coupled together, highly responsive autonomous systems can be created. Toyota has taken the next big step by combining machine learning and AI with big data to create an even more efficient autonomous system that enables handicapped individuals to drive with ease.

The Internet of Things (IoT) opens the Door to New Possibilities

The IoT has left a lasting impact on the automotive industry, so much so it is expected to do even better in the years to come. Since driverless cars with AI tend to have a host of different things attached to the – data connectivity applications, smart sensors and geo-analytic capabilities, it opens the door to new possibilities including and not limited to:

  • Firmware updates which will be made available regularly through over-the-air applications.
  • Vehicles scheduled for repair or service on a specific day will have their performance data sent to the service center/manufacturer/dealer beforehand.
  • IoT processes will enhance manufacturing quality by leaps and bounds.
  • If an accident or medical emergency does arise, driverless cars will be able to request assistance without wasting any time.
  • Manufacturers can release updates and patches to correct performance issues.

With the help of AI, a new kind of driverless cars can be expected to hit the roads in the future.

Due to the immense computational power that is available presently, developers have taken AI to the next level, and it won’t just be about cars and trucks driving on their own. It would actually make it possible for manufacturers to create affordable cars that navigate through any hindrances thrown their way while sensing the environment to produce the ultimate driverless cars of the future, the kind that will outdo what K.I.T.T. could have possibly pulled off, but for real this time.



What can affect Your Luxury Car Rent?



Lamborghini Huracan for Rent Los Angeles

Want to know what exactly can affect your luxury car rent? If yes, then please read this blog thoroughly.

Ever since you have hung up that Ferrari poster in your bedroom, you have always wanted to drive one – feel the rush behind driving this posh and exotic fleet. But yes, monetary constrains have stopped you from buying it.

But do you know that you can easily hire a Ferrari from one of the top car rentals without shedding too much? From “wow”ing your business delegate to making an impression at some red carpet event, exotic cars can help you do it all.

Now let me tell you one thing that there are several car rental companies out there that offer an array of fleet and that too at quite exciting prices! But do not believe in all of them and do your research to find out if there are any additional hidden fees or not.

So, here are a few factors that might affect the price of the one you are hiring. Take a look.

General Price: The first thing is that it obviously depends on the model you are going to hire. A Lamborghini will cost more than an Audi, a Ferrari will cost more than a BMW, etc. It is roughly based on its market value and also the trend.

However, there are some other factors also which determine the rental rate.

Mileage of the Car: Secondly, the more driven a car is, the more hefty it would be for your pockets. A new luxury car would obviously rent for more than one with a few thousand miles already there on the engines. So, you have to keep this in mind.

Season or Availability: Now this is not true in case of any south beach exotic rental out there. There are many rental companies that have the same rate around the year. But yes, if you are planning to hire one during the prom season, during the holiday season or festive season such as Christmas, then you might have to shed a little more than usual. This is because of the pick time.

Unique Features: With the market being flooded with so many makes and models of Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes, Rolls Royce, etc, the more unique features a car will have, the more its rent would be. There are other cars as well such as Range Rover, Chevy Corvette, Karma Fisker, 2017 McLaren 570GT and much more. At the end of the day, it all depends on your budget.

Mileage Limit: Lastly, it depends on the time you are taking it for or the mileage you are planning to drive it for. If you have a tight budget, then make sure you return the car within the stipulated time. Also, if there is a daily mileage limit, you need to be careful about that as well.

So, these are a few factors which can affect hiring a Ferrari, or a Lamborghini Huracan for Rent Los Angeles.

All I can say is that it is definitely worth hiring if it is a special occasion or event such as your wedding day, a corporate meet, a red carpet event, a romantic date, etc. It is a great way to make an impression out there. However, go through a few websites and compare the rates before hiring a luxury car. Some of the common rates of a few popular models are:

  • Lamborghini Huracan Spyder – $1799
  • Bentley Continental Gt – $1299
  • Rolls Royce Wraith – $1899
  • Chevy Corvette – $399
  • Lamborghini Aventador – $3299
  • Audi R8 – $1395
  • Ferrari 458 – $1899
  • Rolls Royce Ghost- $1599

To know more such rates, kindly keep following my articles and blogs. Thank me later!

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Car Heater Malfunction And Maintenance: Here’s What You Need To Know



Maintenance of your car heating system is quite simple and easy to do. Doing it on a regular basis can not only help to up the performance of your car, but can also help to prevent overheating, which is one of the most common causes of heater malfunctions.

Here are five of the most common causes of car heater failure.

Common Causes of Heater Malfunctions

  • Low level of antifreeze or water in the radiator as a result of a leak in the cooling system.
  • A non-functional thermostat that doesn’t allow the engine to warm up properly.
  • A non-functional blower fun.
  • Coolant containing rust participles; one that is blocking the core of the heater from circulating air into the cabin.

Different types of repairs may be required depending on the complexity of the problem. But before we get into all that, take a quick peek at the infographic below highlighting the common causes of a car heater failure in more precise detail.

[Infographic created by Plates4Less Private Number Plates, UK]

Car Heating System Maintenance Tips

  • Check the air filter

You may need a brand-new air filter for your car every 12,000 miles or 12 months (whichever comes first).

You may pay a mechanic to replace the air filter on your behalf or do it yourself at home within ten minutes. The filter should typically be located under the hoof of the car.

On the other hand, you can extend the life of your filter by simply hitting it with some compressed air to clear out debris.

  • Change your antifreeze

This procedure should be done every 30,000 miles.

The first step is to release the pressure cap on your radiator. Do not usncrew the cap if the engine is hot, and don’t forget to wear safety goggles when working with pressurized units.

Now take an antifreeze tester and dip it into the radiator. It should show you the temperature at which the antifreeze should be effective.

If the temperature in your area is well below the efficiency point, change the antifreeze immediately.

  • Check for simple issues unrelated to the heater core or the coolant

For example, if there’s a broken fan, you can expect no heat being blown into the car at the time of operation.

You can detect this easily if the airflow is extremely weak.

  • A stuck thermostat?

Occasionally, the only problem with the engine lies with a stuck thermostat.

In this case, there’s no issue with the coolant or the heater core, but with the mechanism controlling the flow of coolant.

If your car’s taking more than 5 minutes to produce heat, this can be a sign that your thermostat is stuck.

  • Check the level of your coolant

Low coolant level may result in a malfunctioning heater. Thankfully, this issue can be easily solved by replacing the coolant in a matter of a jiffy.

So that more or less sums things up. We hope you had a good and productive read.

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Mercedes Car Service – All That You Need To Know



Mercedes Repair Centre

For decades now, the countless technical achievements have made Mercedes vehicles the safest cars in the world.

The Mercedes Car Service Offers The Following: 

  • The Experts: The Mercedes car service works with highly trained and qualified employees who will provide an authorized service to their customers. 
  • The Pricing: After every service has been completed an invoice is explained to the customer in detail so that they know what services they are paying for. 
  • The Service Convenience: They also provide a wide range of options that will cater to your needs. The car can be left with them or you can even wait until your car service has been completed. 
  • The Mercedes Car Clean: After every service, your car will undergo an inside out clean so that the customers are satisfied and content. 
  • Up-to-Date Mercedes Car Service Record: The services provided are of high quality and each customer is informed in detail as to why the services are needed. By having a Mercedes car service record maintained it could be beneficial to improve your car’s value when you consider selling it in the secondary market. 
  • The Vehicle Health Check: With every service that is carried out a final check is done to make sure that the vehicle is fit for the road. 

What are The Advantages of An Authorized Mercedes Service Station? 

  • An authorized service station will have access to the schemes, programs and special tools which will help diagnose the defects and also help remove them. Each part that is repaired will use the highest technology thus making sure that it will function properly. 
  • Making the use of original spare parts will ensure that the parts used are appropriate for the vehicle thus no fraud is involved. 
  • The Mercedes car service station will not only provide a warranty for the spare parts, but it will also provide warranty for the repairs that are completed by them. 
  • Keeping in mind the customer’s satisfaction and highest quality and also with a warranty period an authorized service station will ensure the value for money too and provide all the services for the money they charge.

There are types of services that are offered by the Mercedes car service which will include;

Service A: List of a few things that will come under this service

  • Inspect the brake fluid level
  • The fuel additive has to be added
  • The reception protocol of the vehicle needs to be done
  • Air filter elements have to be replaced
  • Clean the A/c system
  • The brake test will be conducted
  • The tire inflation pressure has to be corrected
  • The roof opening system has to be cleaned and lubricated
  • Screen wash additives need to be added
  • The change of oil and the engine will also be done
  • The water deflector will be cleaned in the engine compartment

Service B: List of few things that will come under this service; it will contain service items from Service A and also the following:

  • The poly-V belt for wear
  • The power steering oil level check
  • All visible parts in the engine compartment check
  • Replacement of brake fluids
  • Track rod and drag link linkage check
  • Bodywork for paintwork damage check
  • Tires for damage and crack formation check
  • Correct headlamp adjustment check
  • Exterior lights for proper operation check
  • Propeller shaft flex disks check

Hope you like the above-mentioned advantages and understand all the things about Mercedes car service. Go through this link to get more information.

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