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All About Holden Body Parts And Panels



Auto Parts

In case your Holden car has met with an accident and needs spare parts or Holden body panels then you should consult a trusted dealer to understand the model or type of panel you are likely to require. However, when you are buying or fitting any body panels then there are certain factors you should consider while making replacement of these parts.

When You Are Purchasing

If you are purchasing any Holden body panels online, then always check out the online stores and sellers that provide you with pictures and details of the product. Also, make sure that you get delivery on time and the packaging is done properly.

Quality Check

Whenever you are buying any Holden body panels make sure you check the logo of the company at the appropriate place. This is because; if the manufacturing company is duplicate or a fake one then your product quality will not be as good as desired. You may show the panel to a mechanic or any trusted dealer to understand whether the product is genuine or fake.

Consult A Local Mechanic

It is better to consult a local mechanic as well before fitting any spare parts or panels. After all, the Holden body panel will cost you money so it’s better to have it fitted properly. Of course, if you are confident enough that you can do it yourself then you can just go ahead and make it a do it yourself “Sunday Project”. But on the other hand, if you are not so confident about doing it yourself then it will be wise to seek help from expert mechanics.

Return Policy

This is another thing you should be careful about. In case you are shopping for holden body panels online, you must also check out the return policy of the website. If somehow the model number does not fit the car or there is any other problem, then you might find yourself in a position where you have to return the product. In those cases, it is better to check out in advance whether the product you’re buying can be returned or not. If it can be returned, then read the return policy carefully and understand if your purchased amount will be refundable to you or not. If it is refundable, then find out the method in which it will be refunded to you. Whether it will be in cash or be deposited in your account, etc.

In case you have bought the Holden body panels from any other store, then they find out the return policy of the shop. Ask them whether you can return the product if there is any problem. If it is returnable then find out whether you will get a refund in cash or whether it will be deposited into your bank account or some other method will be used as a part of their return policy.

So, these are some of the factors to remember whenever you are going to purchase any Holden body panels for your car. Your car is probably one of the very best and deserves the best services too. In case there is anything wrong with it that will be reason enough for you to feel upset. But don’t fret. Replacing a Holden body panel is not that difficult. You may consult e-zine or different websites to check how to replace your car parts and panels. You can even check out various YouTube videos. However, if you still do not feel confident about doing it yourself then also don’t worry. You may consult Holden company’s mechanics or even an experienced mechanic in your locality to do the job.



5 Most Advanced Auto Mechanic Technology By 2020



Auto-mechanic technology

Henry Ford took the automobile technology from 2 to 9 on the scale of 10 by launching his Model A. With it, everyone started to run towards the evolution of cars. Over the past 20 years, the automobile industry has seen so many changes and is still moving towards development.

Over the last 10 years, we all have witnessed an amazing growth in auto mechanic technology. However, 2020 will leave you thrilled with the launch of more advanced automobile technologies.

5 most Exhilarating Technologies that We can’t wait to witness

#1. Driver Override Systems

Have you ever thought how would it be if your car makes all the decision for you? Well, in 2020 you will be able to experience it firsthand. The new auto mechanic technology will make your car disregard your commands actively and will make its own decision. It will have high-tech sensors that will let it know which is the best route to drive. If you want to apply brakes but your car feels that you should have the gas pedal floored, then you have to forget your plans for brakes. The car will have the final saying.

#2. Autonomous Vehicle

You will be able to see autonomous vehicles running down the roads. Well, as you can see it is not fully autonomous as they will take more than 5-6 years to come in the market. With the auto mechanic vehicles, you will be able to see few positive points of the latest technology. Yes, it has few limitations like weather conditions and rural interstates, but it will soon overcome with fully autonomous vehicles. Now the driver can drive safely with the help of next-generation cruise control.

#3. Customised In-Car Promoting

In the digitalization era, we are already using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. actively. We are also aware of the advertisements displayed in searches and surfing. This will take a 360 turn in the coming year. By the year 2020, the cars will be connected to the internet. This will help the marketing person to gather the extra details so that they can customize their ads accordingly. You can even personalize the setting and get the ads as per your location. This opt-in feature is a great way to grab a deal.

#4. Flying Cars

As a kid, we all have dreamed to have a Harry Potter Flying Ford Anglia. Well, your dream is going to turn into reality. You will be able to see the first flying car soon that will be AeroMobil 3.0 from Slovakia. Well, as per this auto mechanic technology, you can fly it anywhere and land it at any airport across the globe. If you need a refill, then simply drive it down to the gas station. This is the most waited technology and people are getting crazy to try it out. However, it will be possible only if you can actually afford it.

#5. Windshield Augmented Reality

This technology is famous as active window displays and head-up-display. According to this technology, the windshield will have a transparent display and then you won’t need to check your mobile device for checking GPS system. Every route will be displayed on the windshield that will allow you to concentrate completely on driving. This is like a navigation system that will work similar to your GPS. You will see each turn and corner on your windshield.

These auto mechanic technologies are a blessing for car-fanatics. We simply can’t wait to see the enhanced machinery system.

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Diesel Or Petrol Car? Which One Should You Go For?



Diesel cars have long been favored by frugal motorists, thanks to their superior fuel economy and fewer taxes. But now, with them no longer reaping the benefits of taxes, is diesel still the fuel of choice in the UK?

Compared to petrol cars, manufacturers charge a hefty premium for diesel engine cars. And even petrol cars are getting more economical over time. This post can throw more light on the matter.

Diesel Vs. Petrol Cars: A Head-on Comparison
  • Most modern diesel engines come with a DPG (AKA a diesel particulate filter). This can clog if you fail to consistently drive at motorway speeds. It can be a costly fix. So avoid diesel if you avoid motorways.

  • Diesel cars tend to cost more than petrol cars. It didn’t matter much in the past because of lower taxes and superior fuel economy; not anymore.

  • In case you are going for a tow car, a diesel engine should be the preferred mode of choice for you. But then, hybrid and petrol alternatives are also available.

Diesel Vs. Petrol Cars: Fuel Economy

Diesel cars have a better fuel economy. So, in spite of the fuel costing more than that of petrol, you will be saving a lot more on your ride in comparison to that of an average petrol car.

The more miles you travel, the more you save from your diesel car because of its superior fuel efficiency. But then, an average UK motorist typically covers less than 9,000 miles a year. So the potentials of fuel-economy savings are justifiably not that impressive which you may have thought.

Diesel Vs. Petrol Cars: Taxes

Diesel cars were usually cheaper than petrol cars before April 2017.

From 1st April and onwards, only the first year’s payment has to be done on carbon dioxide emissions. From the second year of ownership, owners pay a standard sum of £140 per year.

This means that a large portion of savings offered by frugal diesel engines is now swallowed by the change in car taxes. Under the old system, you would have paid absolutely nothing for the first year of your diesel car; then only £20 a year.

But now, owners of the same cars (both diesel and petrol) have to pay somewhere between £120 and £140 in the first year, and £140 from the second year and onwards.

Diesel Vs. Petrol Cars: Residual Values

Previously, diesel cars retained their value more than their petrol versions because of a host of reasons related to tax benefits and fuel efficiency.

But since 1st April 2017, diesel cars no longer experience tax-related benefits. And then, some cities are even introducing new charges to penalize owners with old diesel rides.

So naturally, diesel cars are less likely to hold their value like the way they did in the past.

To know more about the differences between petrol and diesel cars, refer to the infographic below.

[Infographic created by Plates4Less]

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What Needs You Know About the GPS Tracker and Its Units




GPS tracking unit

GPS tracker server is one of the lower priced tracking software, which you may installation to your laptop device. This lets you keep a huge amount of cash spending for your GPS tool. You may additionally choose 3 special options in this case i.e. Fleet monitoring, private tracking, and car monitoring.

In addition, the magnetic GPS tracker or surely GPS tracker offers customers with tracking information on a real-time basis. You may additionally pick out from two distinct types of to be had maps i.e. Microsoft digital earth maps and Google maps. Along with this, you may improve the device or the tracker server in easy and way as possible.

A GPS Tracker, specifically GPS monitoring unit, is a device that makes use of the Global Positioning System to determine the precise region of an automobile, character, or another asset to which it’s miles attached and to document the location of the asset at normal periods. The recorded vicinity records may be saved in the monitoring unit, or it could be transmitted to an imperative place information base, or net-linked computer, the use of a cellular (GPRS or SMS), radio, or satellite TV for pc modem embedded inside the unit.


A GPS tracker basically carries GPS module to acquire the GPS signal and calculate the coordinates. For data loggers it includes massive reminiscence to keep the coordinates, information pushers moreover contains the GSM/GPRS modem to transmit this fact to a principal computer either via SMS or via GPRS in shape of IP packets. The diagram depicts a hardware structure of an advanced GPS tracker.

Types of GPS Tracking Units:

Usually, a GPS tracker will fall into the sort of 3 classes, although maximum smartphones, being GPS Phones, can paintings in most of these modes, relying on which cell programs are hooked up:

The Data Loggers

This GPS logger can simply log the exact function of the device at everyday durations inner it’s to be had internal reminiscence. The modern-day ones can either have the memory card slot or the inner flash memory and the USB port. Some can act as USB flash power and this can will let you download music statistics log to look ahead for evaluation in the computer.

The Data Pushers

This is the maximum common kind of GPS Tracker and that is used as an asset tracker, personal tracker as well as a car tracker. This kind of tracker is also known as GPS beacon. The characteristic of this device is to push the placement of the tool consisting of such statistics just like the velocity or the altitude at everyday periods right into a diagnosed server that may store in addition to can without delay analyze facts.

The Data Pullers

These GPS data pullers are also recognized as GPS transponders. In the opposite to the information pushers that send the precise role of gadgets at everyday durations or through using push generation, those information pullers are usually on and at the equal time they can be questioned habitually as wished or with the employ pull generation. Not everybody uses this particular kind of generation. An instance of this kind of tool is a pc which is related to the net with a strolling GPS in it. Time and again this may be utilized in situations where inside the vicinity of the tracker is best had to be recognized on an occasional basis.


A GPS Tracker, specifically GPS tracking unit, is a device that uses the Global Positioning System to decide the precise location of an automobile, individual, or another asset to which it’s far connected and to report the placement of the asset at ordinary periods.

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