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Adopt These Five Security Measures to Keep Your Apps Secure




Recently there was a huge hue and cry in May when the WannaCry ransomware attacked the worldwide cyber security creating havoc and jeopardizing the function of close to some two and a half million computers in about 150 countries. Its prime target was computers using Microsoft Operating System. Now, the intention of informing you all this is that if you are using an Android or iOS phone, please don’t be under the impression that you are within the ages of a safe umbrella.

Today, when we have the luxury of accessing the internet on our mobile phones, it has become utmost important to guard the devices with the shield of protection. You are already aware of the fact that not all websites are considered safe for visiting. The same can be said about mobile apps as well.

According to the recent survey, it was found that Smartphone owners are using average 30 applications per month. But are you sure that they are 100% hack proof? No, you cannot bet on that. Even a trifling issue can prove to be quite expensive and you have to pay a heavy penalty for it. And beware that nowadays the hackers have become smarter and so you need to be very careful when browsing internet on mobile devices.

In this article you will learn the best five techniques about app security and safeguard your confidential data from getting hacked.

1. Providing Security with Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor Authentication or MFA, in short, is indeed a great in order to combat hacking and cyber crime. The multinational companies offered this facility to their employees but today social media giants such as the Twitter is too offering the same to its users.

Multifactor Authentication

Now, you must know how this procedure works? Once you are logging in with your user name and password, you will have to show that you owe a mobile handset too with a different account linked with user account. This is the additional security which will protect your secured information even if the user name or password has been stolen. It will take you less than 10 minutes to set the rules; thereby enabling the multifactor authentication to get activated with the help of Duo Security or Google Authentication. After log in, the MFA will ask to validate with your second device and if you are logging for the first time, then will have to get your device registered with a MFA provider.

Setting the rule is as easy as eating your favorite dish. Once you choose your provider, your next job is to configure the associated rule. One of the biggest advantages of having the rule is that it allows you to configure MFA under various conditions such as geographical location or change of place, type of network or type of device used.

And to provide this kind of security, what needs to be done is write little extra conditional logic in JavaScript. You can either activate MFA as soon as the user logs when you smell something foul. Moreover, you also understand the burden of MFA.

For example, every time you login into your Gmail account from a different device, the Gmail team sends you an email with warning information that your account was logged in from some other device. It also encourages users to keep on changing their passwords at regular intervals.

2. Be Cautious of Malicious Codes

The malignant codes and the mobile malware has certainly become one of the biggest challenges for the cyber security engineers. According to the latest data, approximately about 36.5 million Android devices reportedly infected with malware. Let’s now look into how shrewd these cyber criminals have becoming and how there are choosing their soft target.

The cyber attackers in the first place attain a duplicate copy of the application and then reverse engineer it. Then these most commonly used or popular mobile apps are duplicated or they are launched in the pirated version to be released in the market. These are better known as the ‘Rouge Apps’, which contain the malware codes. They are mostly launched on third party app stores that are not authenticated. These fake or pirated apps are promoted amongst the users, alluring them to install it.

It is important to provide the app developer to beware of such malicious codes and also take note of the loopholes in protecting their apps. As for the users, they should be careful before installing any app into their mobile.

3. Calculation of User Fraud Score

Nowadays, the e-commerce websites have become intensely popular and as such is regarded as one of the frequently visited online marketplaces. However, if you are an owner to one of these marketplaces, such as Quikr, it is your liability to provide a secured and safe environment to all your buyers and site visitors.

The rule book states that you need to calculate a fraud score for every user based on their email id and IP address. This will help you identify whether the user is real or fraud. But how will you do this? The cloud service can be of great help in this regard. What it does is it takes a cumulative data from offline social media authentication as well as web data.

The data will help in securing your app as well as you can also keep a vigil on your users by the high fraud scores. You can ask them to verify their identity before they deal with the other users. Moreover, it is always advisable to keep your user information in your database to avoid hackers entering the site.

4. The Android Keychain and iCloud Keychain

iCloud keychain

A keychain can be defined as one of the optimal highly protected store house which contains all the confidential information that includes usernames, passwords and other such classified data all at one place. The keychain is developed by the different operating systems providers such as the Android and the iOS. It is much safer to keep all data in keychain instead of p-list and NSUserDefaults. Another plus point of using a keychain is that you don’t have to login every time when you want to open the application.

5. Device Security and Encryption

So till now your focus was on strengthening the security of the mobile application, but did you think over the device? Yes, the device’s security is equally important and it simply cannot be neglected. There is every change of the app coming under the scanner, if it has a jailbroken or rooted device. Therefore, you have to tighten the screws and give the device an unmatched protection from beneath. The app sandbox must be under a strict vigil because rooting or jailbreaking will lead to increase in insecure data and weaken the security model.

Encryption in simple language means to convert any data or confidential information into codes or cipher which is unreadable with the help of some special algorithm keys. It is one of the best-secured ways to protect your data.


Well, although the blog has highlighted the five optimal methods that you can implement to safeguard your data, but the list does not end here. There are various other techniques that can be employed for the data security. You can opt for email verification, keep updating your software, restrict intruders into your phone and so on. Always keep in mind that in order to outdo cyber criminals, you need to be one step ahead of their game plan. is Sharing app story platform for new app entrepreneurs and promoting Story and review for Application with Free Sources.



Entering the Magical World of Ethereum



Cryptocurrency development company

The revolution that cryptocurrencies brought had changed the world in many ways. Bitcoin was the first virtual currency, which gave the influential push to this revolution.

Bitcoin can be described as digital money or virtual money. Bitcoin is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies and it has been flowing around for almost eight years. And, ideally, It is used to send or transfer money from one party to another party.

But, that was years ago, and along with Bitcoin, there are other popular cryptocurrencies also subsist in the market.

According to some cryptocurrency survey websites, there are more than 1,658 cryptocurrencies available and running currently on the internet. Just a few of these currencies are legit and successful today.

We can’t argue about the prominent position that Bitcoin holds, but there were some problems associated with it, like- not having any rule or condition to send the digital money. The scripting language on which the bitcoin was written is not flexible and it cannot be modified further (only possible if the developer is involved). This leads to limited functionality and operations, which cannot be extended to add multiple features to it.

Ethereum, the another cryptocurrency, is now blooming on the internet. And, even, it also surprised the entire world, just after its launch. It is not just a Cryptocurrency development company like Bitcoin. But, it is a complete infrastructure built on blockchain, which offers its users to build and run decentralized applications.

What makes Ethereum different from the well-known digital currency, Bitcoin?

Ethereum uses the Ghost Protocol, which sets up the block time to 15 seconds, while in Bitcoin, it is set to 10 minutes.

The specialty of Ethereum is that it uses Smart contracts in between the transactions to smoothify the exchange by using conditions and rules for every specific token used. For example, if Sender A wants to send money to Sender B, but this transaction must expire before given date. It is possible by programming the smart contracts to execute, only when certain conditions are met.

Ethereum is flexible in providing its developers the power to create decentralized applications with multiple operations. Decentralized applications can do miracles by eliminating the intermediaries or any third party in between the operations. Unlike traditional applications, which run on centralized systems, decentralized applications cut out the possibility of failures and errors on any single point.

Basically, Ethereum uses wallets, which provide the interface to users to manage their tokens and smart contracts. For example, Erc20 has compatible wallets, which can be developed by a reputed Erc20 development company.

Despite of all facts and figures, the possibilities of Ethereum are endless. But, here are some of the main advantages, which make it way apart from other cryptocurrencies:

  • Ethereum has its own language on the blockchain, which is called the Turing. This grants the ability to exchange complicated contracts on the network and it removes third parties too.
  • It is corruption-free because any kind of censorship is not possible.
  • The DApps created and connected to Ethereum never go down or get shut down.
  • Ethereum can be used as donations for other projects.
  • It doesn’t have any limit on megabytes.
  • Ethereum is faster than Bitcoin because of the less block time.

Do you observe?

How amazing the Ethereum is!

There is a very bright future for this blockchain platform, where it will definitely prove as a boon for large organizations, companies, and government agencies as well.

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Why Certified Blockchain Professionals Will Rule The Market?




Blockchain industry is making waves and has made its way everywhere. And with the rise in the blockchain industry, the demand for certified blockchain professional has also gone up, with recruiting managers seeking blockchain professionals and business blockchain professionals with proper certifications. So if you are seeking a career in blockchain industry then along with other required skills and qualifications, you would also need to have blockchain certifications.

Blockchain Certifications, Certified Blockchain Professional And Business Blockchain Professionals

Before we go deep into blockchain certifications let’s understand how certifications add to your professional credentials and make you the most sought and most valuable and a potential hire.

Blockchain technology, while making its presence felt everywhere, is still a new technology. And recruiting managers and HR managers want people who are adept in handling the technology. But why certifications – right? Well here’s why. If you are on the other side of the table and seeking a potential candidate to handle blockchain technology in your organization who would you be willing to trust more – a certified blockchain professional or an uncertified blockchain professional?

The most obvious answer to this question would be – of course a certified professional. Simply because his skills have been verified and validated by some third party and thus being proved that the person knows the skills mentioned in the resume. In addition to that a certified blockchain professional would be aware of all the latest tools and practices of the industry and thus bring about a positive change in the workforce environment. And so that’s the reason why blockchain certifications are important for your career growth.

Now that you have understood the importance of blockchain certifications let’s understand the difference between business blockchain professionals and blockchain professionals. While both deal with the same blockchain technology their line of work is quite different. While business blockchain professionals are more concerned with the business analyst roles and would offer solutions related to that particular part whereas blockchain professionals could work with any blockchain technology provided they have their degree and certification saying so.

Whatever you choose to do – business blockchain professional or blockchain professional – just remember that as a certified blockchain professional you would have certain advantages over your uncertified colleague or peer.

Advantages of Certified blockchain professional are numerous for both yourself and the company that you would get a job into. Since you are a certified blockchain professional recruiting managers and even HR Managers would know that you are a skilled professional who understands and possessed an in-depth knowledge on what is blockchain and how the technology works. The same knowledge that is required to build blockchain-based apps for enterprises and business houses.

So not only certifications are important but where you are getting them is also important. You can get blockchain certifications from Edureka, Imarticus, Udemy, Coursera and CBC America to do some of the best blockchain courses and certifications thus helping you in your career as well as that promotion you sought and are seeking.

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Why is JavaScript important for Modern Web Developers?



Why is JavaScript important for Modern Web Developers

The importance of JavaScript is gradually gaining its pace as a web technology. About 95% of the web developers are currently using this programming language to build different websites. Now the question is, what intends the developers to learn this programming language? JavaScript for web developers is important as it helps them to make dynamic, responsive and interactive web pages. This work as a client-side programming language, implementing custom client-side scripts as inputs. The developers use the cross-platform runtime engines like Node.js to write the server-side code in JavaScript. They even blend JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 to create such effective and engrossing web pages. As a result of which it can run irrespective of browsers, platforms, and devices.

Well, in the above context we have just mentioned a few reasons to use JavaScript language. But there are several other important reasons as well, that you can’t overlook. Every web developer in today’s date should know the importance of JavaScript and how to leverage its benefits in every project.

Why will it be a silly work for every web developer to avoid JavaScript?

  1. Implementation of Client-Side Scripts: JavaScript (JS) is a high level interpreted programming language. This is again specially designed as a client-side scripting language. As we have said earlier, quite a great number of developers use this as a client-side programming language for building their websites. JavaScript allows the web developers to encrypt custom client-side scripts into it. These scripts are again integrated with HTML to give a quality output. These are highly responsible for an interactive and responsive web page, creating a richer user interface. Moreover, such websites deal with less server interaction and in turn reduces server load.
  2. Write Server-Side Code: We know, that web developers use cross-platform runtime engine like Node.js to write server-side code in JavaScript. But, these cross-platform are designed as a server-side runtime environment as well. Node.js further executes the JavaScript code efficiently through Google V8 JavaScript engine. It holds a number of built-in libraries that, at the end, allow the programmers to run their web apps sleekly without relying on external web servers. Hence, JavaScript helps the developers to pen-down both client-side and server-side scripts using Node.js.


  3. Simple Website Application Development: Developers usually come across certain complex situations. These can be easily solved just by using JavaScript. The JavaScript libraries are used to create shadow DOM boundaries. This further disintegrate the components of individual JavaScript libraries. Due to the presence of shadow DOM, web browsers can deliberately deliver documents encrypted with HTML tags such as; div, select and input. Hence, in spite of being an interpreted programming language, JavaScript helps the programmers to simplify the applications’ composition.


  4. Use of MEAN Stack: The developers can further simplify the development process by leveraging the four components of MEAN stack – MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js. MongoDB is a newly defined NoSQL database. Angular.js is a well-known JavaScript framework supported by Google. Node.js is a cross-platform and designed as a server-side runtime environment. Whereas, Express.js is a web application framework that includes certain features to simplify development of a website with a single page or multiple pages. What is the role of these four components of MEAN stack? These allow the professionals to write both front-end and back-end of a website in JavaScript.


  5. Responsive Web Design: It is hard to draw the attention of potential users if the website is not responsive and attractive. And as you know, to build a strong brand impression and to thrive in this competitive market, these are the most fundamental elements just after the business logo. That is the reason why most developers look for a responsive web design to make them accessible. Such responsive websites can only be obtained by using JavaScript. JavaScript is usually blended with CSS3 and HTML5. These enable the professional web designers to create a perfect website for both computers and mobile devices. Hence, it is quite essential for the developers to use JavaScript to create such web pages.


  6. Google AMP Project: AMP is the abbreviation form of Accelerated Mobile Pages. To create websites that can be run on varying mobile devices, Google has introduced the AMP project. It has integrated several optimization techniques to amplify the loading speed of the mobile web pages. But the project fails in delivering the exact output unless the AMP technology is integrated with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. This is where the role of web developers comes in. So, as you can see, here also JavaScript is the main ingredient for the web developers to bring out the featured output.


  7. Use of Transcompilers: Every stick has two ends. Likewise, JavaScript also fails in providing some robust features. These features are easily obtained from other programming languages like Java and C#. But is it the end to the story? A professional web developer can easily extend the features of JavaScript. This can be done by using transcompilers or transpilers like CoffeeScript, TypeScript, DukeScript, and Vaadin. Each transpiler is used to meet different requirements of large applications. However, this process may seem to be helpful but at the same time makes the workflow complex.


  8. Use of Libraries and Frameworks: The same goes for the functionality of JavaScript. To extend the use of it, developers can easily make use of its number of libraries and frameworks. The featured JavaScript libraries hold AngualrJS, React.js, and Ember. These allow the professional JavaScript web developers to add functionality to complex web apps without writing any extra code. There are even some open source tools like NPM, that can be used to install and manage all JavaScript libraries.

So, hope this article is enough to let you know why developers need to learn JavaScript. But, unless you are getting a professional web developer you can’t meet your business requirements. There are several web development companies residing in USA, Australia, India and all other places across the globe. Your first step is to check out the company’s authenticity, it’s experience and achievements, to get the most effective output.

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