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9 Tips on How to Deep Clean Your Home After an Illness




One of the doctor’s orders that is important to follow after you or a family member has dealt with an illness is to get a new toothbrush. This is because it is quite likely that your old toothbrush will contain germs and bacteria from your illness that may lead to reinfection. Complementing that particular instruction is to carry out a deep cleaning of your home.

A thorough tidying up after a family member was struck down by a bad viral or bacterial infection is crucial in the prevention of a relapse or the passing off of the sickness. Germs and bacteria attach to everything, even air particles. So, get ready to set aside a full day for cleaning because hardcore disinfecting is a total must.

To streamline the process and make sure that you cover everything in order to banish disease-carrying germs, here are tidying up tactics from professional home cleaning services.

1. Chuck all clothing used while a family member was sick in the laundry.

Seat covers, bedding, curtains, towels, and all the clothes in the hamper should be washed. You better chuck in the laundry bags as well. Use hot water for washing and make sure that your dryer is set on the highest heat setting to kill any lingering germs.

While all of those cloth items are washing, you may also want to disinfect the laundry room. Spray a disinfecting agent around the room or air it out.

2. Dust or vacuum rugs, carpets, and mattresses before placing them under the sun.

It’s important to get rid of allergens especially when there’s someone at home who has a weakened immune system. Dusting and vacuuming are two of the most effective ways to banish allergens that are commonly found in rugs, carpets, and mattresses.

To further clean them, harness the power of the sun. Place your rugs, carpets, and mattresses under the heat of the sun to get rid of moisture and kill off germs and bacteria.

3. Use a solution of vinegar, water, and lemon to disinfect surfaces, or just water and detergent.

After sweeping and dusting everywhere, it’s time for wiping everything down. Use a vinegar solution for the job.

The acidity of vinegar can annihilate bacteria and you can use a vinegar solution to clean everything from floors to walls, tabletops, and even furniture. Vinegar also provides a side advantage of polishing metals to a shine.

Meanwhile, water and detergent are effective too and they are what medical or health facilities prefer to use in maintaining a sterile environment.

4. Don’t forget to clean the doorknobs and remote controls.

Anything that the sick person touched or has come in contact with should be disinfected. Some people like to use alcohol, which you can also use, but vinegar and Clorox wipes are just as effective for the same disinfecting purpose.

5. Clean the air.

Invest in a small bottle of tea tree oil which you can dilute in water and spray around the house. Tea tree oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties, so it’s a reliable “air cleaner.”

6. Clean the filter of your air conditioner.

The AC filter may contain disease-carrying bacteria and other allergens that may trigger a relapse. So, take it out and wash it using water and soap and put it back into your AC. Doing this will further improve the air quality around your home.

7. Get pest control services.

If the members of your family frequently get sick, one of the possible reasons behind that is a pest infestation in your home. The presence of cockroaches, mice and other creepy crawlies in your home compromise air quality and, at the same time, the activities of these pests can spread harmful germs around your house.

Include pest management in your thorough home cleaning initiative because your house will not be entirely clean as long as you have pests sharing in your abode.

8. Empty all the rubbish bins.

Get rid of tissues and other disposable products that the sick member of the family used. Afterward, disinfect the bins before putting them back in the rooms. You can use a disinfecting spray or simply wash the bins with detergent and water.

9. Steam clean all upholstered furniture.

Conducting steam cleaning will not only kill off bacteria but it can also help get rid of stains on your upholstered furniture.

Apparently, there are a lot of bases to cover for deep cleaning after a bout with infectious sickness at home. It’s a lot of work, but you do not have to do it all yourself.

Consider booking a cleaner to help out. Professional cleaners possess the right techniques and tools and, with their help, your home will be a clean and healthy space for the family in no time.


Mohamed Samad is the Founder & CEO of Matic Services. He started the company in 2016 after a series of small start-ups within the home services sector. Prior to that, Mohamed was Vice President at Greenstone Equity Partners, where he spent 24 months building the UAE business from 2011-2013 with its founder.


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Underfloor Heating – Interesting Guide To Warming Up Your Home



Nothing gets ever satisfying than curling up in the comfort of your home with warm underfloor to soothe you. Underfloor heating or UFH is an essential tool to warm up your home especially during the winter season. It is a convenient instrument that lets you save up energy with the promise of efficiency, adds value to your nook, and does not clutter it.

For more interesting information and guide about underfloor heating that can suit your home requirements, here some of the things you should know:

Underfloor Heating is Great to Have in Your Home

Underfloor heating systems are cost-efficient and depict value for your home because it is a good investment. Unlike radiators or any traditional heaters that are using a gas pipe, you do not need to worry about uneven heat in your home.

This type or heating tool is installed under your flooring that is also beneficial if you are saving space. You do not need to declutter a wall to free up space for a heating tool as underfloor heating kits are made to be set-up under the ground.

Having an underfloor heating system installed in your nook means one less thing to clean about. You do not have to think of dusting off dirt as the tool is placed beneath the floor that hardly has any cleaning and maintenance need.

There are several underfloor heating systems you can try based on your preference:

Buried Warm Water Underfloor Heating Tool. This type is the most traditional of all underfloor heating systems. It consists of 1.6cm pipe tool that shall install beneath the floor’s surface. It must have the finish of a covering, and a manifold must control the system.

This type of underfloor heating system is considered to be the most efficient and functions at low-cost. But, if you are deciding to install this kind in your home, you must know that a complete overhaul of your floor is necessary for the installation.

Surface Mounted Water Underfloor Heating Tool. If you only think about installing an underground heating tool now and you cannot afford to overhaul your floor, this type is a good option. This type of device only has 1.2cm pipes that can be put on the top of your current flooring.

Electric Underfloor Heating Tool. Electric could be the one to go nowadays. It is because it is less hassle and does not require digging and demanding installations. This type of heating tool only involves cable and is the cheapest to mount in your home. Though it might be the easiest, it could be the most expensive (in cost) compared to the traditional water systems.

Where to Use the Underfloor Heating System?

Relatively, the underfloor heating system is suggested for every home, but if you are considering to have an all-wood and solid floor, this might not be the best heating tool for you. But, if your engineers and architects assure you an at least three-layer wood for your flooring, then an underfloor heating system like this is good to go.

Engineered wood is the best material that goes with your underfloor heating manifold. The combination of the two elements guarantees a reliable and robust service that will give you no problems of worry about exposing your home to changes especially weather-wise.

How to Install an Underfloor Heating Kit?

Professional installers are recommended to mount and fix you underfloor heating system because they are the one who can best understand the calculation and the sizes of pipes, as well as other details. They can also give you suggestions and information about the maintenance and signs of damages that may occur.

You can also opt to Do-It-Yourself (DIY) if you want to save cost and you have more time to spare. Just remember that you need a drafter to show you where the pipes must go and how you should install them. Proper installation is the key, so you are sure that there are no problems along the way that will take more of your time and resources.

Either you do it yourself or hiring some personnel for the installation; you must always seek a professional to do the gas and electrical connections to ensure safety and security of your home and your family.

Is It Worth it?

Underlying heating systems are always worth it especially if you seek from the best ones like Soleheat. You must also consider reliable people to ask about details and other information you might need to know when it comes to selecting and installing your preferred heating system.

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Why You Should Consider Renting a Self-Storage Unit When Moving




Selling a house that you’ve lived in for years can be heartbreaking. However, a lack of a concrete plan during the moving process can make it even worse. What will happen if unforeseen circumstances arise preventing you to move into your place while you’ve already handed the keys to new owners of your old place? How can you move to a new apartment while staying calm and relaxed?

Owning a self-storage is immensely helpful for anyone who’s planning to move or those who need to move, even temporarily. Not only is it an excellent long-term solution to keeping your life and home organized, but it also keeps all your other belongings safe while you’re searching for the ideal home.

Here are five excellent reasons why you should consider renting a self-storage unit when moving:

You are getting ready to move into a smaller place

When people decide to downsize their homes, numerous challenges come with it. The kids are switching schools; you’re packing and contacting a moving company. Not to mention, finding a temporary space to store the possessions they do not use on a regular basis. It can be too much to handle for some people.

Having a self-storage unit is one of the best and most convenient alternatives in letting users store and providing access to their belongings safely.

You can’t move into your new place just yet

You can’t just sell and move to a new home overnight. The property market is incredibly complex and the process isn’t always as straightforward as you’ve imagined. Delays can occur, and if you don’t have a fallback option, you’ll face the dilemma of going homeless for a few days. You might ask a friend to sleep on their couch for a day or two, but where will you store the belongings that you’ve accumulated for years?

Self-storage provides a great option for storing your items until you are ready to move into your new home. It saves you from the hassle of finding temporary storage for your belongings should there be any issues during your move.

You want to keep your belongings safe and secure

Do you really want to keep all your valuables and essential belongings with you while you’re moving from one place to another? The chaos of moving from one place to another can give easy access for the most skilled robbers.

You can avoid these safety and security risks by keeping your most valuable possessions with high financial and emotional value stored in a self-storage facility. These units are equipped with the state-of-the-art security ensuring your high-value items and personal effects are out of harm’s way. Just make sure to properly inspect a self-storage before renting it.

According to National Mini Storage, a self-storage solutions company based in NZ, people would instead choose storage solutions providers than renting a space of their own. It’s because their items are well kept, secured by security personnel, and monitored closely by the company.

You’re simply running out of space

Everyone at some point in their lives has been in this situation. You don’t have enough space to store all your belongings at home or in the office. A sensible option to decongest your work or living space is to shift the items that you hardly use on a secure self-storage unit.

You don’t have a moving van or the right packaging materials

You might not have a moving van to transport all your belongings to your new place, or you might not have the right packing materials that are compatible with your stuff.

A helpful tip would be taking your time in the remodeling process of your new home and try not to worry so much about the household contents. You can put them in boxes and store them temporarily in a self-storage facility.

When everything is settled, you’ll have more time and energy to go over and sort out these items.

In Summary

A self-storage unit is an excellent alternative for those who are moving yet have no secure place to store their belongings. These units are available in a variety of sizes with climate or environment-controlled units. Except for a few restrictions like flammable materials and weapons, it can virtually accommodate almost anything to fit every customer’s unique needs.

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4 Unbelievably Cool Hot Brush Models for Easy Styling




It is always a wish for every girl to look best and pretty than any other one. For that purpose, they use to perform various stylings and make overs but the most important thing which matters is, the hair styling. There are number of tools and equipment which are used for such purpose like hair straightening irons, brushes etc. if you want to have better and professional styling, then professional sort of products are also required to get such results.

It’s a very good and admirable thing to inform others about the useful items available in the market. That’s why we are here to tell you about the best and most useful brush models which are good for styling and enables you to do styling in an effortless way. The hair straightening brush online which are available contains a lot of variety and we have picked the best among the bests. Different people have different type of hair, that is why the following hot brush models will be suitable for versatile type of hair so that everyone can enjoy the beat.

Have a look on the collection…

  1. The Top Quality Rotating Hot Brush

The best hot brush for styling is the Remington AS8090 Keratin Volume & Protect Styler. This is a professional hot brush for styling that is why it is not cheap as well. It’s a very powerful 700watt device which delivers unbeatable shine and styling. For the beginners it may be difficult to deal with this machine but once you are familiar with it, it will provide the best and desired results which you are looking for.

The rotating feature is so amazing in this hot brush which enables the styling so much easier than equipment of such category. You can turn it off as well if you don’t like it or don’t want to use it. The negative aspect of this brush is that it gets so hot that’s why you have to take precautions and don’t let your fingers closer to it as you may burn them. If you are getting this for big curls, then this is the right device to accomplish such wish.

  1. The Curling hot brush

            Treseme Cermaic hot brush is the second best hot brush for styling which will not hurt your pocket at all. This hot brush is good for those ladies who have fine hair and they want curly style on their hair. You can heat it up to 180°C and because of its swivel cord, it becomes so much easier to style your hair. It is pretty shorter than other cords.

In such low price, you will get a professional product for your hair styling. Remember that you cannot use it on wet hair and you need to dry your hair first as a precaution. It gets heated up faster than other brushes. Don’t touch the hot brush.

  1. The hot straightening brush

            There are a lot of hair straightening brush online available, but this is a masterpiece in its own. The AsaVea hair straightening brush in this topic is slightly different than its rivalry here. This brush is used to and is best for styling your hair straight, you can’t expect curls from it.

Precautions remain the same that don’t use it on wet hair. There is no clamping feature in it. The best thing about hair straightening brushes is that these are good for all types of hair. That is why people used to prefer them above other tools. It heats up to 230°C and contains the LCD as well for the temperature observation.

  1. The hot brush styler

            Perfecter Fusion Styler is a nice tool to have at your home for hair styling. It is pretty expensive compared to others but it comes easily in your bag so that you can take it anywhere you want to. You can curl your hair in easy manner and wonderful & useful accessories comes in this package. It has been ranked as the best hot styler brush and many people who have used this product, recommends it to everyone else.

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