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8 Tips for Finding a New Job in 2018



Are you still looking for a job and not having any luck? Worried that you’re doing something wrong? It’s more than likely you’re not doing anything wrong but that you’re just doing the same thing as everyone else. So how do you stand out above the others? Here are some tips for finding a new job in 2018.

1. Use What You Have

Now that we have the internet with us, looking for a job is far more straightforward than it once was. Companies will use their websites and social pages to advertise jobs. You also have the help of other platforms. Use social media to help your search. Set up a LinkedIn, network on Facebook groups and retweet posts on Twitter. Additionally, there are plenty of job boards out there that can help you with your search. Make use of all the channels available.

2. Tailor Your Resume

Even when you’re looking for jobs in the same industry, you need to tailor your resume for each different role. Make sure that it matches up with specific roles and their requirements. Don’t use the same generic resume for each application. When you tailor yours for each role, you will be a step ahead.

3. Know How To Write A Cover Letter

Your cover letter should not read like your resume. You need to provide the manager with a more detailed background of who you are and why you fit the role. You should talk about why the company appeals to you and how your values align with theirs. Always include a call to action that implies you are eager and want to talk further about the position. When a job doesn’t ask for a cover letter, add one in any way and get ahead of the other candidates.

4. Preparation Is Key

There are few things you should do before you are going in for an interview. Firstly, research the company you are interviewing with. This isn’t just the work they do, but also includes their clients, other employees, previous campaigns, how long they’ve been around for and their mission statement. Plan and prepare for common and challenging interview questions that may come up in the interview.  Research the person who is interviewing you. Having some knowledge about the individual can help significantly.  Practice answering questions while alone so you can feel less stressed when you’re in the room with the interviewer.

5. Ask More Questions

You should want to know more information about the role; if you are not curious at all, it could be a sign the position is not for you. Asking questions and showing interest helps the interviewer to see your eagerness and that you would be an invested employee. Don’t ask questions and you might come across as disengaged.  You can ask questions about growth opportunities, who you will be working with, tasks, or even some challenges you might face.

6. Identify Your Skill Sets

Searching for a job typically involves looking around for job titles that sound most fitting to career goals. While this method has been successful in the past, it’s wiser to look at the skill set required for the position. Employers will be able to identify the skills the individual already possesses and which job that person is best suited to, if at all. If you feel you need to improve in some areas or get a step ahead of your competition, try some online courses with Upskilled.  Furthermore, you need to understand that job titles are continually changing, and you could open a broader range of roles if you break it down into skills.

7. Narrow It Down

You don’t need to apply for every single job opening that pops up. Try to narrow down your search and apply for the best ones only. Make sure they suit your skill set and align with your career goals. Make sure the role is right for you and check out the clients, culture, company and other employees. Why do employees like working there? Why don’t employees like working there? There comes the point where you might not be able to be too picky, but it’s worth finding something that suits you.

8. Keep The Job Listing

You should always keep the job listing and refer to it. What do they want and what do you need to be able to do? The job listing will remind you of these things. Copy and paste the listing, save it online or screenshot it. Refer back when you are writing your resume or preparing for an interview. Employers will often take down the listing after they have got a good number of applicants.

Standing out above other candidates isn’t hard with these simple tips. Good luck with the search!



How Can You Choose the best Artwork Online?



When you are on the internet, the trust issue is always scratching your mind. You do not know what to do and whom to trust.

Especially when you want to get your hands on some exquisite painting, you do not know where you start.

Art lovers across the globe keep seeking different platforms (online and offline) to grab the best piece of artwork.

Though offline galleries (Brick & mortar) are much reliable as you can have a look at the artwork there, online daises are not so far behind. The reason behind is the convenience that these online art galleries offer to the art aficionados.

So, when was the last time that you went to check the ‘art for sale online’ headline of some art gallery? Was it recently or was it way back?

Are you a newbie when it comes to acquiring artwork online?

Whatever the case may be, I am going to jot down some useful tips that will aid you in selecting the best painting from an eminent art gallery or a website. Let’s have a look:

What’s the bottom line?

Before you get on the ‘what’ of the art, focus on the ‘why’.

See what made you excited about the artwork. Why do you want to purchase it?

It can be for your living room or for your office cabin or to gift someone. As the purpose, so the art.

For instance, if you want to adorn your bedroom’s wall space with some calm and soothing painting, seek the landscape forms. The serenity in the landscape paintings would offer your room’s wall space the perfect aura as required.

Similarly, if you wish to gift a painting on someone’s birthday, then an abstract painting would be the ideal choice.

So, get your priorities straight and then resume your search.


Obviously, you don’t want to purchase any bogus artwork.

Always remember that whenever you buy an artwork from a website or an online gallery, you will be offered the certificate of authentication with it.

If any of the online seller (Be it the gallery or the website) is not offering you the authentication certificate, that’s the sign to back off.


Because you never want to get in the whirlpool of frauds, it becomes paramount that you do your homework properly before you are ready to unload your pocket.

One good thing about making a purchase online is that there is a lot of information available. Like if you wish to make a purchase from an online gallery, you can do a thorough research regarding the same.

In addition to this, you can always approach the social media to find the correct review regarding the seller. Contact the previous buyers, participate in the discussions on the forums and the communities to find out the credibility of the online seller.

You will be doing all this to make sure that you do not get deceived or dodged by some lousy website.

After all, who wants to pour money and expectations to see that what they got is just another imitated copy instead of the original piece.

So, be careful and search everything on the internet before making a purchase decision. There are a lot of authentic and reliable online galleries that offer the genuine art pieces. Go to them!

Customised search

When you next time sees a website saying they have art for sale online, go and explore their pages.

What these online galleries and websites offer is the chance to select the paintings as per your preference.

Like if you want to seek artwork in a particular price range, then it would be an easy task. These websites and galleries offer filters for different preferences.

Choose the price range you wish to pay and then explore the collection.

In addition to this, you can also choose the filters for the size of paintings and so on.

This makes your online purchase more precise.

Final Takeaway

Purchasing a painting online is not a tough task if you follow the above-mentioned tips. Be prepared and do not hesitate to find out as much as you can regarding the painting and regarding the seller.

If you need any help in your online search, reach us in the comment section and we will surely help you out. Thanks!

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8 Reasons Your Child Must Own a Pet




Kids begging for a puppy?

There are numerous benefits that having pets can provide kids. It is easy for children to warm up to the idea of pet ownership. However, it is still up to parents to ensure a positive experience and see to it that pet the will receive the care and attention it needs.

Your child may only have the fun of having a pet in mind, but as their parent, you must help them understand that this involves a lot of effort, time and practice. At the same time, it’s important to help them see that all the work involved in sharing your home and life with a pet is nothing compared to the unconditional love that they will surely receive from a well-loved and well-cared-for pet.

Here are eight compelling reasons for you to let your child have a pet:

1. Pets help reduce anxiety.

Your child can feel less worried when they know that there is someone happy to keep them company and comfort them at home. Dr. Gail F. Melson, a developmental psychologist, found that children who turn to pets for emotional support were less withdrawn and anxious than those who did not.

2. Pets teach empathy.

Caring for a pet can teach your child how to be empathetic. They can learn how to observe and read the needs of their pet. (Does he need to go outside? Is he hungry?)

Remember that empathy is a skill that can be taught.

A pet will teach your child that if they experience fear or anger, they should not take it out on other people or creatures. In other words, pets act as a confidante, and interacting with pets provides children a positive way to work through anger and fear. As such, they do not learn to project such emotions to other children like bullies do.

3. Pets give children a sense of responsibility.

Kids as young as three years old can manage simple tasks, including choosing the right dog food, filling their pet’s water or dog food bowls. As they grow older, they can walk and groom their pet.

But responsibility goes beyond that. Since your child spends plenty of time with their pets, they can also be tasked with sharing the pet’s most accurate health information during vet visits.  

4. Pets build socialization and verbal communication skills.

Perhaps you notice that even kids who are still learning to talk tend to chat with pets. This implies that pets give not just emotional and social support, but also cognitive language skill support.

Just the presence of a pet will provide a verbal stimulus to help your child socialize and talk with another being.

5. Pets keep kids active and help reduce their screen time.

Dogs have to be regularly walked, so kids can fit their pet with dog adventure products and accompany them outside to walk, run and play. Cats, on the other hand, can help kids become more active by playing with toys.

This will inspire children to put down their gadgets. Interacting with pets helps reduce screen time.

6. Pets help kids become confident readers.

Does your child struggle with reading? A pet can help. A study at Tufts University revealed that students who read to therapy dogs during after school activities programs demonstrated better attitudes toward reading. Children feel pets are less judgmental in their listening.

7. Pets build immunity.

Your child’s immune system can get stronger when you have a pet at home. Pets help reduce your child’s risk of allergies because exposure to pet dander has been suggested to improve the developing immune system of a baby. Moreover, pet ownership can significantly decrease cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

8. Pets give unconditional love.

Finally, pets give a child (especially lonely kids or those experiencing sibling rivalry) someone to talk to. Moreover, a pet can give support and comfort, and listen to kids without consequence or judgment. Pets can become your kids’ best buddy and this unconditional love will further boost your child’s confidence and self-esteem.

Growing up caring for a pet can enrich your child’s life in many ways. In fact, this can be one of the greatest gifts you can give. So consider helping your child find a pet to love.

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9 Simple Ways to Deal with Aggression




9 ways to Deal with Aggression

This article will teach you 9 exclusive ways of dealing with aggression. It is important to learn simple ways to overcome jealousy, regret, hurt, guilt and hatred especially when your friends, family, colleagues and people around you can’t play by your rules.

You should deal with such situations so that you can live a healthy, happy life. These 9 ways will help you to deal with aggression or all kinds of critical illness:

Meditate daily

Meditation is for your mind what food is to your body. Meditation is a huge training to your mind, and it calms your mental state. During meditation, you will draw out lots of inspiration and gain inner wisdom.

Regardless of what is happening around you or whatever, you are passing through at the moment, meditation keeps you in a state of love, peace of mind, and acceptance. It gives you mental clarity to think rationally and creatively.

Laugh, laugh and laugh

Laughing makes you feel joyful and light-hearted. No matter what you are passing through, keep laughing and never get discouraged. A smile is a beautiful thing. a smiling face wins more favour than they find. Laughing or smiling remains the easiest and most effective way of forgetting your sorrows.

Get a list of activities that make you laugh and store them in your home or reach out to your humorous friends or neighbours who can really make you to laugh even when you are passing through depression. If you are someone that usually has an anger issue, then always find time to laugh. You will never regret doing so.

Identify what anger brings

When you are angry, you are more prone to bring untold problems to you; think of things that will happen to you when you are angry. Know what causes anger issues, and get in touch with people that can assist you to handle these anger issues. This exercise brings more clarity, rationality and awareness into the situation.

Stay with happy people

When you are depressed, it will be counter-productive to associate with people that will make you experience more bad feelings. The solution to being depressed is to strategically find a group of people with a positive vibe. You need to stay safe at all times. Thus, it is better you stay away from abusive people, parents, spouse,

Staying with positive-minded people will inspire you to forget feelings of anxiety and become happy. Staying with happy people inspire you to rise beyond limitations of competition and average.

In the same way, staying with negative-minded people will have a negative impact on you. The keyword here is to always stay with happy or optimistic people when you are dealing with aggression.

Stay away from violent environment

When you are depressed, the environment you stay can either make or mar you. Make sure you stay away from the violent environment; environment where there are sharp objects or ornaments or war zones. Such environments can inspire you to cause more mayhem to the situation. Take actionable steps now, so that you can protect yourself at all times.

Breathing relaxation techniques

Regular deep breathing exercises will make oxygen to get into your brain and other parts of your body. Some of these tips will be helpful to you when you are angry:

  • stand up,
  • inhale through your nose
  • sit upright
  • exhale with your mouth
  • count the number of times you spend when you inhale or exhale, and
  • Try this method for at least 10 times.

Exercise helps to keep you fit and calm

Your body needs physical and mental exercises to look and feel better. When you are depressed, find a way of getting to a gym and keep fit. The advantages of exercises are multiple; it reduces your dementia risk, minimizes your osteoporosis risk, enhances your sex life, prevents muscle loss, improves digestion, minimizes anxiety and stress, reduces cancer risk, improves your skin, and improves your mental productivity and performance.

Understand the root of the problem

Why were you depressed in the first place? Although you will never allow the depression to discourage you, but it is always good to understand the root of the problem. Sometimes after checking the issue, we may find out that the problem could be avoidable.

Becoming thoughtful and proactive when you are depressed will make you to stay better and happier. Understanding what caused the problem could help you to avoid the problem next time.

Some problems can be resolved if you do the needful, the faster you can get the problem resolved, the better you will perform both mentally and otherwise.

Talk about it

What is the cause of your depression? Who made you angry in the first place? Talk about with people that care. This could be your friends, family, colleagues at the workplace or a listening spouse. Their advice is capable of helping you to overcome the situation often faster than you can imagine.

Was this article helpful to you? Feel free to share your ideas in the comment section below!


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