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7 Great Reasons Why You Must Charter a Luxury Yachts in Newport Beach



Luxury yachts charter Rentals in Newport Beach


There’s really no dearth of fun awaiting you at the Newport Beach in California. Those seeking a thrilling combination of adventure and lifestyle will love yachting here for it gives them an opportunity of witnessing nature’s marvels like never-before.

You don’t always need a special occasion to go aboard a yacht and you may consider chartering a luxury yacht in Newport Beach with the sheer intent of relaxing and experiencing an extraordinary lifestyle and hospitality. Newport Beach hosts some of the most coveted whale watching and sportfishing excursions in Southern California.

Here’s a look at seven reasons for chartering a yacht that will set new travel goals for you and you wouldn’t want to wait to hop into one!

  1. How about an Exciting Sailing Package Custom-made for You?

When you choose luxury sailing on a chartered yacht, you can customize your vacation so that you get everything you desire, just the way you want. The best yacht charter company will pay heed to the likes and dislikes of the loved ones accompanying you on board and add activities to your itinerary accordingly.

Including a host of luxuries such as swimming pool, Jacuzzi, spa center, helicopter pad, gymnasium and home theatre with eye-pleasing contemporary interiors, a super yacht is all about extravagance!

  1. Feeling Lucky? Explore the Hidden Treasures along the Way…

Travelling in a chartered luxury yacht in Newport Beach is the best way to go off the beaten track and visiting quaint little places or towns that you’d normally give a miss or wouldn’t know about.

Step into the shoes of locals, savor their delectable cuisine and experience incredible hospitality; all of which will stay etched on your minds forever.

  1. Experience Opulent Lifestyle

Making for exciting holidays, and to celebrate special occasions with friends and family, this is surely one of the best options. To make the experience truly luxurious, these yachts feature world-class amenities, swimming bars and Jacuzzi among a host of other luxuries.

Sit back in the Jacuzzi with the spirits flowing generously and enjoy the views of the starlit skies in the night. If you thought you need to break the bank to be able to enjoy such a vacation, think again!




  1. Every Detail About You Counts and Reflects in the Hospitality You Get!

You like your coffee a little strong or the meats a little tender and your personal chef on the yacht is acquainted with your food preferences already. You have a soft spot for rom-coms and love sauna bath after an invigorating massage. Well, the crew knows this as well and how fantastic is that!

A luxurious super yacht is designed with absolute comfort in mind and they check with a guest on personal tastes and preferences. Boasting the highest quality of craftsmanship and fine attention to detail, it ensures all your needs are taken care of before your arrival so that you can feel absolutely at home when you arrive.

  1. Private Chef and Entire Crew at Your Service!

Calling the ambience and services of our luxury yacht 5-star is quite an understatement for you can actually expect 7-star facilities when go aboard one. Gear up to be treated like a star when you have the crew and chef at your beck and call, attending to your recreation and wine and dine needs.

The hospitality you get in chartered luxury yachts is far superior when compared to that in hotels. Their attention revolves around providing the best service matching your personality and mood to the hilt. When your needs are attended to by the same crew members each day, you can feel a friendly vibe and they get acquainted with your kids as well.

The chef is trained in a variety of cuisines to ensure you have an amazing gastronomic journey with the essentials of your favorite recipes stocked up before setting sail.

  1. Ideal When You Want to Cocoon Yourself in Privacy and Peace!

When you a luxury yacht charter in Newport Beach, you get to move away from the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy absolute privacy. Lay back and relax in peace, enjoying the tranquil surroundings, feeling the wind in your hair and hearing the sounds of the flowing waters.


Yachts charter Rentals Newport Beach, CA


  1. New Vistas and Different Horizons Each Day

The views are ever-changing when you are in a yacht. You wake up to the glistening sun looking resplendent as it goes up the horizon and if you are lucky you may chance upon stunning coastlines, islands, mountains, villages, romantic sceneries and beaches along the way. All of these will add to making your yachting journey memorable for life! 

Looking to Get in Touch with a Luxury Yacht Charter Company? It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

When you are looking to charter a luxury yacht, you can get in touch with agencies and yacht agent networks who can help you find the best yachts in the regions you wish to explore on water. These agencies work closely with yacht management companies across a country or on a global level and allow you to run a quick search on their website based on your preferences to know the options open to you.

Running a quick check on search engines online also equips you with information on luxury yacht charter service providers. Their websites usually carry all information on their office address and contact numbers that can help you connect directly with them. In addition, you can browse through online directories to obtain contact information of luxury yacht service providers in any region across the globe.

With growing awareness among connoisseurs of luxury vacations, yachting is not a secret any more. If a luxury yachts rental in Newport Beach is on your mind, look no further than our trusted services whether it’s a limited hour, full day or multiple days’ package.

Relax, unwind and bring on unforgettable times with your family. From looking after your specific preferences to making you feel pampered, our professionally-trained crew will have all your needs covered.

Happy sailing!!



How to Enjoy Your Dubai Tour On Both Land and In The Sea?



How to Enjoy Your Dubai Tour On Both Land and In The Sea

Dubai is a hotspot for tourists from around the world. Ask any tourists about their list of best destinations that would want to visit on their next vacation and Dubai might surely be one of them. The main reason for this is that Dubai offers more to tourists than any other city. Whether you are in Dubai to shop, scale world’s tallest skyscraper or want to see Dubai desert, you can find all that and much more in a single city.

Dubai also have stunning beaches with white sand and turquoise blue waters. Even Dubai seas have a lot to offer for tourists. In this article, we look at ways to enjoy your Dubai tour on both land and sea.


For those who are not impressed by the hustle and bustle of the city, desert safari Dubai might be great option. Whether you are visiting a desert in a day or want to spend a night in the desert, it will be an experience that you will never forget. Adventure loving tourists can go on dune bashing in a luxurious land cruiser with an experienced driver.

You can also take part and compete in a quad race with competitors. For fans of skateboarding, sandboarding offers an opportunity to quench their thirst albeit on a different surface, sand. As the night falls, you can place a camp in the middle of the desert and enjoy some gourmet food and drink.

See the stars in the sky and take out your binoculars to gaze at the stars and distant planets. Who says deserts are boring?

If desert is not your thing, you can go to the city and visit Burj Khalifa, world’s tallest building. Standing over 828 tall, the view from the top of the Burj Khalifa is a sight that you cannot describe in words. For fans of ancient buildings, Dubai old city have a lot to offer. Take a journey back in time and explore the historic past of UAE through museum and ancient forts.

See Dubai fountain and go to Dubai mall which are both largest in the world.


Visit the beach before afternoon and take a sun bath or relax on a beach. You can also rent or charter a yacht or book a cruise to make your trip even more memorable. Take your loved ones with you and enjoy a dhow cruise dinner on a cruise and make evenings special. Book a yacht and party around with friends and family in the middle of the ocean.

The gourmet food and refreshing drinks along with supportive and friendly crew on a cruise will add to the overall experience.

Although, it might cost you an arm and leg but it is well worth incurring the extra cost especially when you consider the once in a lifetime experience you and your family will enjoy on a cruise. For people who likes to take a dip into water, Dubai’s Aquaventure waterpark is a great option. Beat the heat and cool off by taking some adventurous slides.

Dubai is home to several beaches. Jumeriah beach is one of the most popular among them. Make sure you visit Jumeriah beach in the morning as it will become crowded as the sun starts to shine brightly. Kite flying fans can have some fun on Kite Beach that combines both kite flying and sea in a single package. You will also find some fishes in Dubai’s sea which is also great news for tourists who want to catch some fish.


Dubai is home to some great tourist attractions and you just need to know where to go and where not to make your trip memorable. Visit some of the places and experience some of the things mentioned above and enjoy Dubai both on land and sea. Depending on your preferences, you can choose what you should do in Dubai, you will surely find something that suites your personality in this list.

How do you enjoy your Dubai trip both on land and in the sea? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

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How to Explore Florida in one month?




Florida is an amazing destination. It is a constant favorite and with good reasons. From clear sandy beaches to bustling cities, the Sunshine State is the perfect vacation spot. There’s really something for everyone! There are a lot of things to do in Florida. So, you might find yourself planning the vacation of your dreams when you ask: How to explore Florida in one month?

Well, it’s important to start with the basics: what do you find important? What would you most like to get out of your Florida vacation? Are you interested in lounging on the best Florida beaches, visiting Florida culture landmarks, or touring the best Florida nightclubs? Or a combination of all of the above? What about Disney World?

When people say Florida, most of them mean Miami. And the sprawling city is a fan favorite for excellent reasons, from high-class neighborhoods to rowdy parties to serene beaches. But, there is a lot more to Florida than just Miami. While, yes, spending a month in Miami is sure to get you unforgettable stories and a relaxing vacation, it would be a disservice to the rest of Florida.

Florida is huge. From Disney World to alligator farms to kayaking and surfing, Florida has something for everyone.

You really can’t explore Florida without visiting Orlando

Orlando is an excellent location to explore simply because of how many things there are to do in Orlando. How can you say you’ve explored Florida without visiting the Magic Kingdom? What about Universal Studios? Or Legoland? If you’ve decided to explore Florida in one month, that means you have plenty of time to spend at all of those destinations!

There’s more to Orlando than theme parks. Have you ever wanted to go tubing down natural springs? Kelly Park Rock Springs has you covered, with a clear and fast creek. What better way to spend a warm summer day than laughing while swiftly tubing down the park?

Universal Studios is a must-see when you want to explore Florida!

Universal Studios is definitely a good place to visit. It has something for everyone, both kid, and adult – if you have young kids, they definitely won’t get bored. Maybe they’d like to join Gru as his Minions? If you have older kids, they can go on many rides and visit many places in the park. Are you or your children huge Harry Potter fans? You can immerse yourself in the world of Hogwarts and Harry Potter, ride the Hogwarts Express, and escape from Gringotts!

Universal Studios isn’t just for children, of course.  If you’re a fan of the Fast & Furious mythos, you can join the dream team as an enemy infiltrates their ranks on a wild high-octane chase!  It’s the place to see your heroes come to life, immerse yourself in their world, and have a real adventure. Plus, if you love to know how your favorite movies are made, you definitely don’t want to miss this.

You can’t explore Florida without visiting South Florida

South Florida has Miami, The Florida Keys, and the Everglades. It’s widely considered to be the only part of America that can boast of a truly tropical climate. A lot of people consider living there to be living in a constant vacation, so why not visit?

Explore the Florida Keys

Key West might be overshadowed by Miami, but it’s an unforgettable place to visit. It also has something for everyone. It’s one of the best parts of South Florida.

Have you ever wanted to feed a school of tarpons? A day dock pass is 2.25$, and a handful of dollars will get you a bucket of fish to feed the silver kings. What about snorkeling the reef? Load yourself and your family on a speedy catamaran and spend an enjoyable day snorkeling!

  • You have to stop by Robbie’s when you explore Florida. Are you adventurous enough to go parasailing?
  • You can explore Fort Zachary Taylor, and spend some time by the beach too. It won’t be a soft sandy beach, but it will still be fun. You can go snorkeling there too!
  • Mallory Square is a very enjoyable place, full of fun shows for the Sunset Celebration. Grab a drink from a coconut, sit back, and enjoy.
  • You might need to get tickets in advance, but you can grab a tram tour of the Shark Valley! Or if you’re athletic, take a 15 bike ride through the Everglades.
  • If you’re interested in nature, you can take a boat ride to the Dry Tortugas. That’s an island near the Keys, full of sparkling clear beaches and untouched nature. If you’re adventurous enough, you can even go camping!
  • Don’t be surprised if you get taken in by Florida and want to spend far more than a month there. After all, Floridians are living their dream vacation every day! As they say, after you get to know South Florida, you’ll want to move there.

Explore Miami

Miami is an artistic city with chill vibes. It has a really relaxed, fun in the sun vibe to it. You can’t plan to explore Florida in one month and not devote some time to Miami! From white sandy beaches with clear water to fun and trendy neighborhoods, Miami truly has it all.

Of course, there’s the Seaquarium, with an Orca whale. Though the Orca is controversial, to say the least, there is more to the Seaquarium than the Orca. Other shows and exhibits might catch your eye if the Orca does not.
You can’t explore Florida in one month without visiting some of Miami’s most famous neighborhoods! Visit Little Havana, Miami’s Cuban influenced neighborhood, grab some authentic food and enjoy Cuban music. Next, a trip to Wynwood if you’re more artistically inclined. Visit Wynwood Walls to see a collection of artwork by pioneers in street art across the globe! You don’t have to be interested in graffiti to enjoy the startling artwork painting the walls, but if you are, seeing art by your faves is definitely a bonus.

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How Traveling Release Your Stress?




Stress is biggest tension which overcomes lot of the public. It can be caused to different number of reasons. Like getting any psychological tension. Having burden of study. Professional or some kind of activity. It is almost common problem for all of the individuals. But when these dangerous categories of thoughts overcome your mind. They become severe problem for the health. You can feel fatigue, feelings of disgrace. Disturbance of waking very early from the bed, dissatisfaction, eating less or more. detriment from fascinating of things, having severe pains relating to anxiety and depression. These are some of the important symptoms of clinical depression which is very harmful disease. It can cause your damage to your physical and mental comfort.

You need to get out from daily stress therefore utilize the methodology of traveling to the fascinating locations. It is actually excellent remedy for getting away from daily stress.

Traveling is of two types which is national and international travel. Most of the national travel is done using land transportation mediums but major international travel is done using aircraft. There are many of the airlines available which you can choose for going to specific place. But Shaheen Air Flights is most preferable one for going to all category of dream destination. By talking with different people, you also get a chance for removing your stress. We have gathered list of the points in which we will explain that how traveling releases stress of your mind.

More Chances of Interaction With Individuals

This is the greatest benefit that you can avail using traveling. In the case of international traveling, you also get a chance to meet with different individuals. Many of the cities are international centers of globalization and modern culture. Places like Dubai or Abu Dhabi have immigrants from different places on the Earth. Most of the foreign people are not granted citizenship but still they work or remain in these popular international centers.

By talking with these types of individuals, you also get a chance of releasing your tensions and coming back to normal routines. Increasing traveling also means increment of chances of meeting and greeting newer individuals.

Opportunity of Spending Time in Natural Environment

Traveling also allows you to give chance of spending time in natural environment. There are many of the beautiful places and you can also search out for them. Spending time in these kinds of environments also allows you to relax from stress of mind and heart. These places have atmosphere which is highly refreshing. Become highly energetic by spending time in these natural locations. Search out for these places online.

Utilizing Facilities

Many of the parks and other category of visitor attraction sites are equipped with many of the recreational facilities.  There are many of these places available at international centers. You can go to Creek Park, Khazzan Park, Musharraf Park and Umm Suqeim Park. You could also be going with family and take rides with children. It easily releases stresses of mind. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is very exciting place and you must visit it. There are many exciting rides available in this entertaining place.

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