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6 Free Driving Games You Should Play Right Now



In the present world, there is much tension because of the mechanical work profile of the individuals and online gaming is one of the best entertainment options for the individual to get freedom from stress. Playing online driving games also helps in the demolition of stress and it fills the individual with new happiness and energy.

Copa Petrobras de Marcas

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This online game was created by the Reiza Studios and here we find a great fun as far as the Brazilian car racing is concerned. When you indulge in the game on the PC and start playing it, it is a real stimulation of body and mind. It also provides you the positive energy. This is a genuine game launched by the company and is licensed and you can find some of the sizzling race tracks of Brazil while you play this game.

It is all fun and playing the game itself will keep you spellbound. The title sponsor for this game is named Petrobas and the credit goes to it for providing the free sim  that does no skimp as far as the handling and customization options are concerned.

Track Mania: Nations Forever

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If you play the track mania, you will have the spontaneous feeling of being young by at least ten years. One of the mesmerizing attractions of this game is the unpredictable stunts. There is also the option of downloading of the additional cars and their adjustments through the loops and jumps in order to suit ones own ride for a greater fun and entertainment. When it comes to the core fun, this game is among the finest options.

Rigs of rods

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This game has actually been abolished but the legacy of this game has not died down because there are still the download options from its caretaker especially for the one who really knows the value of the game. One of the things of attention focus in this game is the crashes.


When it comes to the game by the name Racer that is available free online, you must know that it is not that much entertaining but the chief attraction for this game is the amazing design. One of the best advantages of this game is the download of the thousands of cars and tracks. If you go to the main site, you have the option of your own content creation. This you can do with the help of tools that are provided. There is a regular update of software and content.

Stunt Rally

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If you want to go for the silly trick racing, the online free game stunt rally is a good option for you. In this particular free online game, you have the option to finish the single races in the multiplayer mode. Do not go for the tony graphics. They can lead you astray.. After you reach the comfortable zone, it becomes difficult to master this game.

Drift City

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Know that you cannot get this game after 21 st of March any longer. In this game, you have the sizzling entertainment with the ultra fast tony cars.


Image result for Simraceway

You have to register for the race free one of the sizzling real world tracks. In this particular free game, you can get the licensing cars from more than forty manufacturers. You may have to pay some price for the beat car packs.

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What makes your Android app development more constructive?



What makes your Android app development more constructive

Android is stepping up in popularity day after day. Its demand is visibility strong and most businesses are discovering the benefits of Android application development. The article helps businesses that have plans for Android based mobile app.

If you have determined to get an app developed for Android, you have already observed what kind of platform it is. No doubt Android has been the most powerful, successful and flexible OSes so far. This OS made smartphone popular and a common device. It allows developers to offer an extensive range of software development services for the domains like business, art, education, entertainment, medical, technology, science, sports, news, humor and a lot of others. The demand for Android powered phones and Android applications is evidently strong. Most of the businesses have discovered or are discovering the advantages of Android application development.

It is crucial that all those businesses expecting Android apps for their business procedures also come across all those aspects that make an Android application development more efficient. Here are some tips helping you in procuring a really functional and productive Android mobile application development-

Understanding Android app development from beginning to end

Let me explain you some basic information about the Android platform and apps before your proceed towards Android development.

  • Android OS is based on Linux and developed by the Open Handset Alliance and led by Google and some other companies.
  • It is an Open Source platform that means anybody can customize it to derive more productivity and performance.
  • Android applications are developed in Java, a most common and powerful programming language for developing enterprise-grade software and solutions.
  • A considerable part of credit making Android so popular just goes to Java. Google provides complete tool-kit and the Android SDK, for developing Android applications.

It is necessary that you have a best idea to begin the development; however; no idea is the best idea unless it is worked out by experts known as Android application consultants. Just hand over your idea to the hired Android consultants, who have experts in their team to conceptualize your mobile app in a better way.  These people understand what works and what doesn’t. By research the idea is added with features like uniqueness, sustainability, noticeability and effectivity.

You can also study other applications that are fulfilling similar objectives. You can choose the best of the features of these applications and get them added to your Android app. You should also keep a tab on the development process and keep on asking developer to let you know the progress. Aspects related to flexibility and adjustment should never be ignored.

If you have an application for in-house business processes, it is natural that you will make it available to all executives at free of cost. But, if you have an app to earn revenue, you need to fix a price that helps you survive in the competition. A game app, for example, is liked by teenagers and most of them will not be able pay a high price. So, fix a price that can easily attract users. You can also consider about marketing and promotion of your app. There are many web platforms which allow you post about your app. It is recommended you hire an experienced PR professional who can increase the promotion of your products online.

The tips provided here are not based on any hard and fast rules; however, expert Android developers have passed this information to those businesses that want to understand the procedure of Android development before actually getting an app developed.

Author Bio :- Sofia is a digital marketing expert in Rapidsoft Technologies, is a offshore software development company which provides Software for Education, Automation, Construction and Finance across the global. She loves to write on latest mobile trends, mobile technologies, startups and enterprises

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How to make an Android application distribution plan



How to make an Android application distribution plan

There are more than 2.5 million Android Apps available on Play Store. But this number is both encouraging and discouraging. For some people, like mobile developers and programmers, who want to try their hands in Android application development, the numbers may be point of attraction, persuading them to go in mobile application development field. But some may feel discouraged as the growing numbers of applications make it more difficult to stand in the market.  The more there are apps on Google Play Store, the fiercer is there competition.

With growing number of apps in App store, it’s turning out to be hard for app owners to get their apps noticed to the users. The Google Play store is of course like a big ocean but experts can still make strategies to dive into it successfully.

Go according to Google’s Rule.

In the mid of March 2012, Android Market became Google Play. Many analysts said it as a Google’s trick of marketing and promotion; however, the giant had more plans than just rebranding. Apart from Apps, Play Store was lined up to provide books, movies and music to turn out to be the Google’s version of iTunes, as claimed by many experts. But, Google Play’s clear objective was to have more potentials customers for apps rather than other digital stuffs.

The Play store has very special segments like TOP CHART and EDITOR’s CHOICE on its opening page. No explanation does exist for how an app finds place on this page; on these segments, but developers, whose apps have appeared here say that they have got some guesses. The answer is that if your app has got an x-factor, there are chances that Googlers choose it to show up on TOP CHART and EDITRO’s CHOICE segments. The lesson is – try too hard to add as many as x-factors you can add to your app. Make your app fast and make sure it does not go loose with Google’s rules. Do not add pointless permissions that the app will never use. Make a UI that looks great on any device. Don’t apply the thumb rule ‘one size fits most’ which is actually a wrong approach. Yes this makes resource management quite simpler but it also damages app’s visual appeal. The best approach is you include graphics that are tailored to the screens of targeted devices. The app must also scale nicely between phones and tablets which mean it should be fully responsive, with cross-device compatibility.

For publishing an app on Google Play Store, your app must abide by certain rules which are as follows:

An Android app –

  • should not cross the line in terms of restricted content;
  • should not interfere the intellectual property right of others, be not engaged in; deception or spamming;
  • needs adhering to best privacy and security terms to ensure app safety;
  • needs following standard monetization practices to encourages a healthy ecosystem;
  • should not use unfair tactics to get to top listing and promotion or attract users;
  • should be suitable for kids and families;
  • needs managing policy violation and;
  • needs to be updated with latest development.

The other planet of Android apps

Why don’t you plan an app for Amazon’s Kindle Fire, and other third-party Android app stores? Launched in March 2011, the Amazon’s Appstore had more than 600,000 apps as of April 2016. Opera browser too has its own Android app store and in early 2014, it had 200,000 apps for Android devices. There are other popular third-party Android app stores like SlideME, Mobile Market, Samsung Galaxy App, Mobile9, etc.

There isn’t tough competition on these third party app stores and an app has excellent opportunities to get to top lists. Some developers say that third party stores are good place to make a sale, not for getting customers in bulk. But it is not true. Many developers have a fair amount of sales from third party stores too. If your app has good features, it has chances to easily get noticed in third party stores and generate revenue too.

Promotion and marketing campaigns

You can begin promoting and marketing your app with building a one or two-pager micro-site like created for Snapchat and Path. Also, creating a teaser website will help you collect email addresses of people who like to know about your app. But make sure you launch such website at least a month or two before the launch.

You can also start a blog with the micro-site and share interesting content on regular basis. Then share these blogs on social media sites Twitter, Facbook, Google+ LinkedIn.

Create an interactive and thought-provoking product video that tells the story behind your app in a way that people like to watch to.

You can create a six-second how-to series and publish it on websites like Vine.

Acknowledge those who Acknowledges your app

Another way to get an app noticed is to identify online places, such as blogs, websites and magazines with a devoted user-following. There are many tech-blogs and you can write for them to tell everything about your app. You can contact these bloggers and request them to write about your app or to publish a story.

You can also reach out to journalists and detail them about your app who will then publish stories in news papers and magazines. You can also pitch your app to app review websites like 148apps, AppStoreApps and AppAdvice and may certainly contribute to a lot buzz for your app.

You can apply for awards such as Kiip Build Fund or The Mobileys. If your app manages to win even a single award, you will also get to a ton of press without any efforts.

You can follow the above given tips to distribute your Android apps in a better way. This information is brought to you by expert Android mobile application developers.

Author Bio :- Rubal is a digital marketing expert in Rapidsoft Technologies, is a offshore software development company which provides Software for Education, Automation, Construction and Finance across the global. She loves to write on latest mobile trends, mobile technologies, startups and enterprises

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The Android Auto Head Unit Survival Guide




android auto

The primary purpose of Android Auto, and version of your Android tool’s screen that brings apps and notifications in your dashboard is virtually all about using safer. How? We all comprehend it’s unlawful in maximum states to use your mobile handset while on the street, however regardless of all of the warnings, folks nonetheless do it.

That’s in which services which include Android Auto come in available – it lets you resume your standard user behavior without risking a deadly collision.

That’s why we’re going to reveal everything there’s to realize about Android Auto. This consists of a rundown of which vehicles support Android Auto, at the side of a more in-depth have a look at an expansion of apps available on Google’s vehicle-primarily based platform.

What is Android Auto?

As the name implies, Android Auto is a model of Google’s extensively used cellphone running machine that is particularly tailor-made to cars.

Like the smartphone or tablet you are used to using, Android Auto makes use of a combination of apps to make your using enjoy better to some degree -whether or not this is by way of offering you switch-via-turn navigation, or easy get right of entry to in your Google Play Music library whilst you’re on the street. That stated, Android Auto apps are generally stripped in their interactivity to some diploma.

But at the same time as they may be a bit less practical than their cell opposite numbers, their loss of electricity make it viable for commands to take now not than more than one seconds to carry out. This level of brevity is meant to maintain the driver’s eyes on the road, just as current in-dash vehicle stereos and navigation systems have completed properly over a decade.

If your aim is to dilute your phone’s interface into one that’s frankly extra uniform and digestible whilst you’re using, Android Auto will do the trick.

Is my automobile compatible with Android Auto?

Though almost every carmaker supports Android Auto now, don’t assume without problems improve your legacy vehicle to the OS – except you personal a 2016 Hyundai.

Sure, you can replace your in-sprint stereo or navigation machine with one that supports Android Auto – in reality, JVC, Alpine, and other manufacturers currently boast Android Auto guide – however, they also require space for a double DIN device at the dashboard, and maximum motors only have an single DIN slot.

Unfortunately, for right now, your fine guess to take advantage of the convenience capabilities supplied through Android Auto is to take a journey in your nearby automobile dealership.

Why? Well, as puzzling as this will sound, Android Auto isn’t intended to replace your current dashboard setup, nor would it not work alongside what you have proper now: You can’t use Android Auto to enable/disable cruise manage, tamper with the air conditioning or even toggle among radio stations. As a be counted of truth, the only actual example of inter-compatibility we may want to find turned into that streaming audio playback mutes throughout audible navigation signals.

Can a car use both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay?

Because Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are – at the center of it all – apps wielded with the aid of the hardy components of your telephone, most carmakers satisfaction themselves on helping each. In that case, if you aren’t completely dedicated to the Android ecosystem, you may take solace inside the truth that the iOS-centric alternative is a few button-presses away.


The appropriate news is that the smart vehicle revolution is simplest simply starting. If your favorite make and model hasn’t been upgraded to work with either Android Auto or CarPlay, it is only a be counted of time until they seize up with the rest of the percent.

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