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6 Best Ways to Reduce Acne



In case you’re affected by acne, you are not the only one. Pimples is a not unusual skin situation that occurs while oil and useless skin cells clog the skin’s pores. It usually happens at the face, shoulders, chest, neck and lowers back.

Skin acne can be caused by numerous things: heredity, hormones, and oil creation. There are many things you can do to remove or stop your skin acne quickly and regularly. Learn great healthy skin strategies, enhance your eating food, and attempt natural medications.

Avoid touching your face

Dust and microscopic organisms can clog yore skin and produce skin acne on the off chance that you continually touch your face. If your skin feels disturbed from skin acne, utilize a delicate, without oil day by day facial wipe to expel extra dust and quiet your skin.
Try not to press your flaws, or you may chance to create scars. Crushing a pimple may even spread the bacteria further.

Wash regularly

Wash your skin utilizing or using your fingertips, once early in the day and once during the evening. Keep in mind to rise your skin with warm water after washing it. Limit washing to twice every day and after you sweat. Sweating can aggravate your skin. Wash your skin at the earliest opportunity after sweating.

Take extra caution on the kind of products you use on your skin when washing it. There are great products that deliver natually great benefits such as vitamin c serum which is good for skin health and collagen production.


Nearly all of us, whether man or woman; has struggled with pores and skin care problems like acne and dry skin and so forth.

It can be a struggle to discover products which are correct for your pores and skin. Skin kind, complexion, and underlying fitness problems must all be factored in a while figuring out a way to take care of the essential organ at the human body; our skin. Kratom is used for acne remover.

Kratom soap and skin care products were suggested to benefit skin tone, complexion, acne, and general properly-being. The Kratom cleaning soap is utilized by many peoples for acne and other trouble of skin. There are many kratom strain that is helpful for skin like Green Maeng Da, White Vein Borneo Kratom, and Red Bali Kratom, etc.

Eat a healthy diet

Keep away from meat that contains hormones and comparable substances which could push your hormones out of adjusting, causing skin inflammation. Instead, eat a lot of fiber, new vegetables, and fruits. Foods rich in vitamin A, C, E, and zinc can help to decrease the seriousness of acne through the supplements mitigating properties.

A few right resources of these nutrients consist of:

  • Grapefruit
  • Turnip Greens
  • Melon
  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Pumpkin
  • Sweet red peppers
  • Amaranth Leaves
  • Mangoes
  • Sweet Potato



The proof that CBD can treat skin is restricted, however encouraging. A recent report found that CBD connected to the surface can diminish irritation. CBD can stop the generation of sebum, an oil that is usually delivered by the body and can prompt the improvement of skin acne.

Scientists found that CBD can prevent the development of skin acne, yet that different cannabinoids like CBG and CBGv can expand it. Which means individuals who are interested in the use of CBD oil to deal with acne must search for skin care products that usually contain CBD. Always buy CBD oil from certified vendors.

Stop smoking

Smoking can reason a situation referred to as smoker’s acne, in which the body does not make an inflammatory response to heal the skin as fast as it would with regular skin inflammation.
People who smoke also are four times much more likely to get moderate acne after childhood, primarily girls between the ages of 25-50. Tobacco smoke may likewise cause skin infection for individuals with delicate skin.

Smoking is known to cause other skin conditions like wrinkles and untimely skin maturing. It does this by making free radicals, hindering collagen creation, and degrading skin proteins.

Choose the right cleanser

Utilize a gentle non-cleaning soap, free of sodium laureth sulfate. Sodium Laureth Sulfate is a cleanser and frothing operator that can cause inflammation. There are many non-cleanser chemicals are free from harsh chemicals, utilize herbal elements, and are accessible at most medication shops. Harsh cleansers and scrubbing can disturb your skin and make skin inflammation.

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Beautify and Glam up Your Look with Top Makeup Trends in 2018




Every year the beauty as well as makeup trends changes, but thanks to the fashion weeks and runways we get our hands on the latest trends and looks to follow. But, not everybody is a fan of runways or fashion weeks. Nevertheless, thanks to Instagram and information on the internet that helps us in getting touch with the latest beauty and makeup trends. 2017 was all about matt lip shades and smokey eyes. There are certain trends like perfect brows that have managed to be a huge trend in 2018 but this year surely has different makeup trends to follow. You can buy all these makeup products from wholesale beauty suppliers to get the perfect look and enhance your look for the party.

Makeup surely gives an overall change to your face. From minimal to bold makeup it is all about accentuating your features. These days you can see Bella Hadid, Miranda Kerr, Rosie Huntington and other Victoria secret angels flaunting their flawlessly blended makeup. And we can’t help but envy that type of makeup look. Surely, makeup is all about individuality and your personality so you can always try your hand on the latest trend of makeup and keep yourself updated. From Milan Fashion Week to New York Fashion Week, these trends have swoon us completely.  So, here is a list of the makeup trends that continue to blow our minds for the year 2018.

  • Dewy Skin

The dewy skin was a trend in 2017 and has certainly been admired by everybody in 2018 too. You can see most of the celebrities flaunting the dewy makeup on red carpets as well as on a casual hangout. Elegant satin glow is perfect and goes with every look and style. You just can’t help but fall in love with this look.

Glitter is all over the place. Eyes, lips, cheekbones, bridge of the nose are some features that can look beautiful when you highlight them. There are a number of products like face mist, strobe creams, highlighters, and face and lip balms that can be used to achieve this flawless dewy look. The best part of a dewy makeup look is that it gives you a natural finish. Celebrities from everywhere are trying this and we are sure you will love it too.

  • Colored Eyeliner

Colored eyeliners have been the ‘it factor’ for 2018. This bold and edgy look can be very easy to pull out if done correctly. Gone are the days when eyeliner options were limited to brown and black only. These days you can find eyeliners in every possible color.  The choice is endless. You can choose from teal, silver, gold, pink, blue, and many other colors. These eyeliners will surely enhance your eyes in the best possible way.

  • Groomed feathered Brows

Big feathered brows have been in trend for a while now. And certainly, this trend is here to stay. You can see everyone flaunting big brows. If you are not naturally blessed with thick brows you do not need to worry about it. There are so many products available out there which you can be used to shape your brows. Learn to give your brows a fuller finish and texture by filling and brushing the hair. Rock your bushy, thick brows like a rock chic.

  • Highlighted inner corner of the eyes

Do you want to make your eyes big and popped out? The easiest way to do it is by highlighting the inner corners. This will make your eyes shiny and more awake. The eye strobing trend has been dawned by various celebrities for a reason. It is all about illuminating the inner corners of the eyes. This goes well with a day as well as night look so you do not have to worry about overdoing it. But for daytime, you can use a highlighter that has a subtle sheen and for the nighttime, you can up the things with a metallic base that has more pigmentation.

You can never go wrong if you choose shiny and shimmery colors like shades of pink, peach, gold, silver to make your look fresh and popped.

  • Lip Tints

The lip tint effect has taken over the Instagram and is surely one of the best trends of 2018. Matt lipsticks can be extremely dehydrating for the lips at times. On the other hand, lip tints not only give a natural finish to your look but also hydrate your lips. Victoria secret angels and our favorite models are obsessed with lip tints and we can’t deny the fact that it gives a subtle color to your lips giving a dewy finish to your look. There are so many lips tints available these days in various shades of pinks, corals, reds and many more which you can buy from wholesale suppliers or from stores. Try your hands on lip tints of different brands and you won’t regret buying them.

  • Contouring

Contouring is still a trend but it has definitely become less and subtle. Contouring gives a dimension and shape to your face. When contouring began people contoured almost every feature on their face. But, now it is definitely about knowing your face and contouring accordingly. Every face is unique so you do not need to go crazy with contouring just know the features you need to contour to give you dimension. Just remember not every face has to be contoured. Only contour if required.

  • Prep your face before makeup

Healthy, supple and natural looking skin is something that never goes out of style. These days almost every celebrity likes enhancing their natural features. To achieve this look you need to prep your face. Undoubtedly, makeup is great but every woman should feel beautiful in their own skin. Spending a good amount of ten minutes on prepping your skin before makeup is an ideal choice. Use products that melt on your skin. This will prepare a healthy, plump and supple looking skin for makeup.

If you do not have enough time to prep your skin it is always a good option to use a highlighter or a strobe cream or tinted moisturizer under your foundation to cheat your way to the glowy natural looking look.

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How to Make a Wig Look Natural



There are several accessories targeted at beautifying a lady. These items range from facial products to general body skin beautifying items. Another very important set of accessories that can never be overlooked and the female hair products m. A recent survey in the USA made it known that a well to do lady that takes proper care of her hair regularly will end up spending about $55,000 on it throughout her lifetime.

One major way women have come to adapt and also reduce their cost of hair and its products is the use of lace wigs.

The function of these wigs is quite enormous as it can be used with different intentions, and since it has various variation depending on the taste of the buyer or designer.

Making use of a wig is quite common in recent times as there are several hairdressers who are willing and ready to get it done at prices lower than what you will get it on name brands. Although sometimes the quality will be lowered, but not in all cases.

Even though the use of wigs has become quite popular, people still feel the need for it not to become obvious they are wearing a wig. The reason for this is more metal and physiological so we won’t be getting much into that.

Making your wig appear natural is not an easy fit as it requires some bit of learning and routine that must be followed on regular bases.

There are three main things that need to be taken care of to keep your wig looking natural at all times.

These three very important processes are what will keep your wig looking smart on your head at all time, and help to further enhance the illusion of a natural here.

The three things to take note of includes;

  1. Lump
  2. Shine
  3. Lace
  4. Lumps.

Nothing outs a wig faster than a lump in the wig. A lump is an area of the wig which does not match the overall shape and structure of the head the wig is on. It is a generally a form of a swollen area on the wig that makes it a little bit disfigured. Since the shape of the head does not take that form, and you are not trying to hide a swollen membrane under your hair, a lump will be noticed from far away and it will definitely be the first sign that lets everyone know what you are putting on is a wig and not your natural hair. To fix a lump make sure you straighten and thoroughly comb the wig before use.

  1.  Shine.

A natural hair that is taken care of regularly has a certain shine to it that makes it look smooth and healthy even before you touch the hair. Treating your wig regularly with several hair cleaning products and making sure it is well creamed, brushed and straighten also brings out the shine. Although you need to be very careful while doing this as it becomes quite easy for wigs to get destroyed if it becomes over treated, just like your actual hair.

However synthetic wigs are known to have a certain unnatural looking shine. The shine is way too flashy than any natural hair, so you need to tune this down a bit until it looks very human hair like. You can do this making use of translucent powders and dry shampoos.

  1. Lace

This is the part holding all the well-arranged hair attachments together to form a nice wig based on your hairstyle of choice. As much as most wig makers try to hide this part from the sharp eyes of fault-finders, it has become increasingly hard to do so for some certain complicated styles of hair.

Although some hairstyle is designed in such a way to hide this flaw, other cannot really escape not having their lace seen. In order to counter this, there are certain measures to be taken. These measures depend mostly on how much you are willing to go to hid this lace. One of the most common methods is to make use of a coloring make up kit (eyeshadow, foundation, concealer pressed powder etc) that matches your scalp skin tone. Adding a little bit of this to the exposed area will help to provide the illusion that the lace is part of your scalp. For wigs whereby the lace tends to be visible at the edges, you can easily make use of a headband or scarf, or better still trim it off to the last edge.  This will also do a great job in hiding your laced edges.

If you can make sure all these three properties of bad wigs is avoided, you will surely be able to make your wig look as natural as possible.

Another thing that matters a lot is how well you keep your wigs and how you take care of the wig when you are not using it.

It is not uncommon for people to pack all their wigs in a fixed place, with one wig on top of the other. As time goes on since the wigs have not breathing space, the sweat from previous use tends to add up. This sweat eventually leads to a stench which might become very hard to get rid of.

To avoid this, it recommends that you get a wig rack or better still improvise with something that looks like a wig rack. This way your wigs will receive air and become dry and ready for use almost immediately.

Apart from being a wise and more convenient way to store your wigs, this will eventually save you money on the long runs, as fewer hair products will be used on the wig since you will be able to reuse your wigs with just a simple brushing and application of hair cream.

However for some, this might seems like a lot of work, to still enjoy a natural looking wig, you can purchase a wig made from human hair and make sure you have the wigs properly prepare against any use. This can be done at any hair salon near you. This way you will always have you natural looking wigs ready for use.

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6 Errors with Your Makeup That Make You See Bigger



weekly woo makeup

Our face is one of the biggest responsible for making us look older or younger, and with that said, makeup is of great importance when it comes to our appearance (obvious …). But, did you know that you can be making some mistakes with him that make you look older? As always, the key is not to abuse! Continue down and discover these things that you must stop doing to go the right way and get more out of your makeup and look younger!

1. Use very dark lipsticks.

While berry colors are very cute, especially for darker skin tones, very dark lipsticks make the lips look smaller and therefore make you look older. Instead, choose brighter colors to add a touch of youth and radiance to the face. If it is absolutely necessary to use a deep tone, try a moisturizing formula so you can make sure that the lines of your mouth are not marked.

2. Never draw your eyebrows.

While thick eyebrows can be synonymous with youth, there is nothing worse than artificially drawn eyebrows. Prefers powders instead of pencil for a more natural look. Click to know about eye makeup tricks.

3. Dark blush adds years.

The blush can give a youthful glow, so it is advisable to choose mauve or pink tones that look good on almost any type or skin color. A dark tone for its part, only adds years and gives the appearance of an old-fashioned makeup.

4. Do not skip the eyeliner.

A little color in the line of the lower lashes always looks good, but it is important to do it also in the top line. You do not have to go to a complete line or to the cat’s eye, only with a little coarse color (it can be a dark brown or black tone), this gives an air of youth to the eyes.

5. Leave the natural shine of your skin.

You might think that more makeup will hide the fine lines and wrinkles, but in reality the only thing you will do is highlight those same folds that you are trying to disguise. Instead of a heavy base, you prefer a moisturizing cream with color, like a BB cream.

6. Doses the lip liner.

Unless you choose a tone that you want to look very sharp, there is no need to go crazy with the lip liner, as it is very easy for it to give you a very old-fashioned look and make you look older.

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