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4 Ways To Keep Yourself Safe From Identity Fraud



Safety is of primary importance. Learn the most crucial steps to keep yourself protected from any kind of identity fraud.

It is indeed really scary to know that, in just one year, around thirteen million users, of USA, get victimized with the evil of identity theft. This just the statistics of one country, hence, precautions are needed by everyone for avoiding any unpleasant event. Today, we will inform you about the important methods you need to know about, so that you can keep you and your near ones safe.

1. Make sure your Password and PIN number are secured

Experts recommend that passwords should not be saved without any encryption on the computer. Furthermore, if there is a piece of paper or a diary, where you keep your password or pin code details – then make sure to keep that item locked somewhere safe. Ensure that there is nobody else who can access it.

For saving sensitive information on the computer, you should make sure that you have an encrypted password managing program for yourself. If this is not a feasible option, then you can store the sensitive data on a separate hard drive – which is kept separate from other people’s access.

Professionals suggest that auto-fill is never a good option. If somebody else uses your computer, he/she can easily log in to your sensitive accounts. Auto-fill should be used only when one is sure that the computer stays in the house.

2. Online shopping should be safe

Do not give away your credit card number without proper verification of the website. Your personal information should not be permanently stored on any website, because any hacker can hack any website at any time.

If you are fond of online shopping and it requires credit card regularly, then experts suggest keeping a separate credit card just for online shopping purposes. Do not use your Debit Card for this purpose, as Debit card is directly linked with one’s bank account and personal information.

3. Using Social Media

Personal information of a person should never be displayed publically. Carefully read and investigate the security settings of all your social networking websites. Professionals advise that ‘checking in’ to a particular location should particularly never be made public. Thieves might immediately use that information to harm you.

If you do not know a person in ‘real’ life, then avoid adding them. If you allow strangers to see your profile and personal information, they might misuse it and steal your identity.

4. Knowing about Phishing Scams

Sometimes people receive emails asking for verification of a particular information, account detail or password. Make sure you never respond to such scam emails. If the email writer is claiming to be from a professional organization, then the best thing is to use that email and directly ask a representative from that organization about the email.

Many a times, you might also see links to websites on your social media or email. Do not randomly click any such links which appear in front of you. Some links are pretty dangerous, they get your account hacked instantly and start posting harmful stuff by using your account.

Author Bio:

Alicia Gill is the author of this article. She resides in Chicago and works as a Computer Engineer in a private company Assignment Writing Service she is an artist and plays guitar in his spare time.



Do’s And Don’ts Of Network Cabling



Security camera network

With the internet as a huge source of information, DIY projects are becoming common. Especially, when you have to deal with the technology projects that include network cabling. Undoubtedly, network cabling can be a DIY project as it saves money. However, the process can be tricky, and you can get into trouble with a single wrong move. Finding a network cabling solution that works is a demanding process that involves many steps.

We have seen people calling professionals in the middle of the task when they cannot handle the work. That is why it is better to hire the experts in the beginning. Finding one of the best network cabling companies in Santa Monica CA is not as difficult as one might think. Again, the internet plays a big game, and no one cheats it. However, if you are still not convinced of hiring professionals, we can help you. Below are listed some do’s and don’ts of network cabling installation so that you can go through the process easily.

Do’s For Network Cabling Installation

Length matters – The maximum length defined by EIA/TIA is one hundred meters or 328 feet. Well, the length may vary based on the state laws or where you are using the cables.

Keep the cables dry and cool. Wet environment will affect the copper in the cables by disturbing signals. If you are installing cables between the buildings, be sure to have waterproof conduits and capped ends. Try to avoid large bundles as they disturb the signals.

Future planning matters – With the rapid change in technology, one should keep in mind that you never know when you need new cabling to meet the industrial needs. Therefore, it is better to install less expensive material that is easy for you to replace after a few month or years.

Get the dust caps as they block the dust from entering into the wires and making them worse. The trapped dust will affect the signals and is not easy to clean.

Don’ts of Network Cabling

One of the important things to keep in mind is to avoid long patches. The longer you cable is, the more problems you will face in handling them. Furthermore, with the long cables, performance of the system will be affected and the signals will be dropped. Therefore, there is no use of having long network cables as referred by professionals and affordable network cabling companies in Santa Monica CA.

Do not fix your network cables next to your electrical cables or other sources that have current as there are chances of interference. Fluorescent lights will produce high current and to avoid, it is better to have low power lighting or LED.
Do not overload cable trays. Being stuck at the bottom of a tray, they can be easily flattened by heavy cables affecting signal transmission. The cable tray suspended from ceiling or wall mounts can easily fall and ruin your installation and building structure.

Do not skip the testing part as it is one of the important steps towards your successful installation. Test your fiber optic cable with a power meter to find out how much light power you are losing in the terminated cable run.

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Home Improvement

Reasons to Have Security Doors in Homes and Commercial Premises




Homes and commercial properties that are vulnerable to theft should have security doors. Additional security is a must for protection against burglars, trespassers and vandalism. The security doors are usually made of steel and therefore it has certain specifications. These security doors have a locking system which will not allow any intruder to dare open it. The built-in system is also made of steel that makes it even stronger. There is a system that is known as anti-lever frame lip as well as anti-drill and anti-bump. This is a feature that will make the security doors impenetrable for any type of break-ins. These doors are extremely effective and a huge barrier to criminals. The security doors are available in varied sizes. This is because there is a huge difference in residential and commercial doors. The specifications can also be customized as per your preference.

The companies that manufacture the security doors have a wide range of options that can accommodate all types of security requirements. The doors can be adjusted for additional security and the optimal use of space. They are found in different designs and closely resemble the traditional doors that are made of PVC or wood. These doors do not compromise on looks and you can also fit additional door handles and spy holes. This will ensure that the door is as normal as the other doors.

How is Security Door Advantageous?

These days the number of crimes and thefts are increasing and so the homeowners have become more conscious with security. Hence, they are opting to install security doors so that their property is protected from forced intrusion. The advantages are as follows:

  • The empty homes cannot be protected only with the help of security guards. You have to install security doors that are strong and durable. They must be able to endure manmade hazards. The doors that are made of steel cannot be damaged so easily. The doors should also have a buzzer or a camera so that one can keep an eye on the people who are trying to enter forcefully.
  • The burglars will think twice if you have installed the security doors at the entrance. It will be very difficult for them to barge and then get out after the theft. Hence these doors will protect your home from the soft target of the criminals.
  • If you have pets or children in your house, it is very much important to install security doors. This will prevent them from wandering out and then getting lost or harmed. These doors will help to keep them safe inside.
  • The security doors are designed in such a way that they can close by itself if they are left open. This is an excellent feature that will undoubtedly protect your home from intruders at any time of the day. So even if you have forgotten to close the door, there will be absolutely no worries about the safety of your home.
  • The locking mechanism of the security doors are advanced and equipped. It gives you and your family a top-notch security from unwanted intruders. If they get locked, it cannot be opened if you do not have the keys.

The best way to keep your home and organization secured is to install high-security doors. This has a lock system that is ideal for your business. It is basically electronic and therefore reduces the costs in the future. The lock system is also customized that will meet your business needs. If you have to secure multiple locations, then each system can be customized in order to meet the particular demands of the environment of every individual.

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3 Ways to Increase Your Security on the Internet




Today’s world is full of internet stuff. Even for one simple thing, we go for searching the stuff on the internet and yes, we definitely get the desired stuff we were looking for on the internet. Not only that we can do those tasks which are only possible with physical movements by just searching those services on the internet who can do that for us. Unlike doing it physically it is much smoother, faster and relevant with the Internet. And that’s the general thing I just explained. The main purpose of this article is to know about the security and how to improve this while having our time on the internet because it’s something which can fully turn the plate and can give you desired to inappropriate satisfaction. So, the question will arise that how to get the maximum security here, or what are the ways to increase the security on the internet.

Here are some ways i,ll be explaining you. So without wasting further time lets start with the 3 Ways to increase your Security on the Internet.

Improving Browser security:

It’s simple as it seems because we usually use browsers to access websites and other stuff on the internet. However, nowadays this becomes more easy with apps but when it comes to reliability and using it more according to yourself then the browser is the best option even for the general purpose we use browsers, doesn’t matter if it’s for surfing, browsing or some other specific purposes.
To increase the browser security and save yourself some attacker, spammer and a variety of viruses you need to be using the safest browser like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer or Microsoft edge which is the latest browser from Microsoft comes with windows 8 and 10.

  • Also, remember whenever you are accessing websites with HTTPS connection which identifies the secured and connection which simply means the data between you and website will be fully encrypted and no one can access or no one will ever know which data you get from the website or whatever you look for on that particular website with HTTPS connection.
  • Make sure you are properly logged out from your account whether it’s your social account or any other site account.
  • Always use search engines like duckduckgo, ecosia and others who actually don’t track your activities and let you down anytime with a bunch of unreliable ads instead of getting the desired info from SERP instead of using search engines like Bing, Yahoo and google sometimes.

System Security:

The 80% of data loss through malware and viruses happens only because of low system security. System security includes lots of major and minor facts and solutions which you can apply for better security of your system. However, I am only going to tell you only those tips for better system security which can fix a lot of minor system security issues and some major as well.

  • Do not enable autorun in your system which is the main reason behind a lot of keyloggers can easily get access to your system because the function autorun makes it easy by not asking permission for any particular execution on your system. These kinds of keyloggers can enter your system through a spam email(includes, images, exe files), or through any download files from a low trusted site. So, you gotta be careful what you are clicking on.
  • Use a highly secured and trusted Antivirus so that you,ll be aware of stuff you are downloading or what you already have in your system from your previous downloads. These antiviruses even provide you such facility by which you can predict about the site trust and keep your system safe by not allowing such malware to get access in your system by auto-deleting them or blocking the root of their access.

Network Security:

As the internet is all about the area of the network, the network which connects you the variety of things, Connects you with people, makes your routine easy and lets you survive with reliability. But if someone can ruin it then you are probably no more exist in this world, because all your identity on one the internet so let anyone stole it, and to make sure you are having a safe network connection which can’t lead such sarcasm things by making it private. Here are few points you can use to make sure you are doing fine with it:

  • Use a better, high-speed ISP, because if you belong to professional society then you probably don’t compromise your ISP on the basis of money because those less pennies can lead to thousand dollars of loss. So if you got a better internet speed then you are not going to face such situations where transactions got stuck due to low internet speed or your LAN goes down coz of some crises or numerous reasons can be there.
  • Use secured connection using some VPN Services. VPN which basically stands for virtual private network, provides you facility of remain anonymous by hiding your IP address which is the things that can reveal everything about you, also by hiding your Geo-location as well. There are a lot of VPN available so you can use either Free VPN services or Paid one both works good but for more assurance, i will suggest you go for paid one always coz paid VPN always gives you much better, secures, encrypted connection. VPNs mostly helps you while you torrenting and saves you from being caught.
  • Remove your default setting, especially when you are a windows user then you should dig for it first. Almost all setting in windows comes as the way they can be reliable for you. So it’s better to not start with your default network settings. As long you maintain the default network settings then there will be chances for trouble for your system, so make sure you set them according to your needs and to make the security stronger than before.

These three above tips are pretty useful and probably good enough to make sure that you are safe on a standard basis. These three (Network security, browser security, and system security) are the main things decides whether you have good security or poor. If you are good enough to set them/use them as the way told above then you are good to go and look around all over the internet for your things, stuffs, routine work etc. Its all upon you after all.

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